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Company Profile

Acclaimed for its power, speed, and versatility, ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology has experienced a steady surge in popularity across many industries. UHP waterjet systems cut quickly and accurately through virtually all materials from food and paper products to composites, steel, and exotic metals.
As with most technologies, a waterjet system is only as good as its provider. To achieve the best results for your business, you need the highest quality system from a reliable manufacturer, one you can trust to provide dependable support and service. That’s why customers worldwide trust their business to Flow. Flow is recognized as the world leader in the development and manufacture of waterjet technology. In fact, we’ve delivered over 8,500 Flow waterjet systems to customers in 45 countries around the world, more than all other suppliers combined. One reason we are recognized as the leader is that we have introduced  every major waterjet innovation since our founding in the mid 1970’s. More importantly, it’s because customers know they can count on us. They know we deliver the most technologically advanced systems available and back up every system we sell with the most extensive customer support network in the industry. At Flow, we pride ourselves on being first in everything we do. Flow Firsts:
  • First founded in 1974.
  • First to invent the abrasive waterjet in 1979 with a team led by Dr. Mohamed Hashish (Patent Number 4,648,215 granted in 1985).
  • First to introduce abrasive waterjet cutting of composites and exotic metals to the aerospace industry in the mid 1980s.
  • First to introduce the most efficient abrasive waterjet system - PASER® 3 – designed to provide optimal abrasive usage and the fastest possible cut speeds with the lowest cost per inch. First to introduce an intensifier with ceramic plungers – the ESL Intensifier – to double seal life and increase waterjet reliability for our customers.
  • First and only Total Systems Solutions provider: we design, build and support all the critical components of our waterjet systems.
  • First to provide a full range of machines from small, fully-enclosed waterjets to multi-axes systems large enough to machine aircraft wings.
  • First to introduce Windows®-based intelligent waterjet programming and control software  – FlowMaster® - to the industry.
  • First to introduce intensifier pumps operating at 60,000 psi.
  • First to develop the state-of-the-art WMC™, a completely modular and expandable abrasive waterjet system with a 60,000 psi operating pressure pump for highly productive waterjet cutting.
  • First to introduce ultrahigh-pressure direct drive pumps—achieving 50,000 psi by 1997 and 55,000 psi in 2000.
  • First to introduce the 87,000 psi intensifier pump, enabling our customers to operate the industry’s most competitive waterjet systems.
  • First to reach operating pressures of 100,000 psi – expanding our core competency in ultrahigh-pressure technology with hyper-pressure pumps that enable partner companies to make foods safer and waterjet cutting even more productive.

Product Categories of Flow International Corporation

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Plastic Cutting and Slitting
  • Pumps, Coolant
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Software, Machinability Databases
  • Software, Nesting
  • Surface Treatment and Coating Equipment
  • Waterjet Cutting Machines

Trade Names

  • Dynamic Waterjet XD®
  • Dynamic Waterjet®
  • FlowMaster®
  • HyperPressure™
  • Integrated Flying Bridge
  • Mach Series
  • PASER® ECL Plus
  • Waterjet Machining Center®

Deep Links

Flow Waterjet Applications Waterjet technology is both simple and extremely complex.

Flow Waterjet Products Flow is the world leader in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting and machining technology for advanced industrial and manufacturing applications.

Flow 87,000 psi HyperPressure Technology At 87,000 psi the waterjet velocity increases beyond Mach 3 - creating a faster, more powerful cutting tool for any material.

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Flow Waterjet Launches New Website
The site has been redesigned for international and mobile user friendliness.

Waterjet Machine Highlights Ergonomic Design
Flow International will display a variety of its waterjet cutting technologies, including the Mach 4 machine.

Flow International Opens Technology Center in Washington
The 14,000-square-foot facility has two classrooms and an applications lab with the company’s waterjet systems.

August 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Waterjet
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Waterjet Software Eases Path Generation for 3D Parts
Flow International’s FlowXpert 2015 CAD/CAM software introduces updates to the platform’s 3D path generation and cutting capabilities designed to enable waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D.

Waterjet CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Cutting Path Process
Flow International offers FlowXpert 2015, the latest version of its FlowXpert 3D CAD/CAM software featuring faster programming for waterjet applications.

Flow Waterjet Appoints President
The new executive will focus on new product technologies as well as customer satisfaction.

November 2014 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet Machining
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Software Eases 3D Waterjet Cutting
FlowXpert 2015, Flow International Corp.’s upgrade to its FlowXpert software suite, offers new capabilities for 3D pathing and cutting to enable waterjet users to work more effectively in 3D with less complexity.

Laser Height Sensing System for Waterjets
Flow International offers the DynaBeam laser sensing system, a noncontact material height-sensing solution for waterjets.

Laser Encoder Feedback for 40-Meter Wing Parts
Large machine travels, long machining cycles and changing aircraft manufacturing precision demands necessitated a non-contact approach to machine-tool position feedback.

Setting the Stage for Sizeable Composites Work
By adding a five-axis waterjet/milling machine, its biggest autoclave and a more expansive lay-up room, Royal Engineered Composites is positioning itself to win larger-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.

Flow International Certifies Veterans
Workshops for Warriors celebrates its first class of Flow-certified waterjet operators.

The Case for Abrasive Waterjet
Hear one shop’s case for using abrasive waterjet versus other cutting options.

Waterjet Offers Expandable Cutting Area
Flow International will display its Mach 4c waterjet designed to optimize production with an expandable modular design that can lengthen the cutting area to 14 m (48 ft.).

A Technology Sampling from FABTECH 2012
Here are a few technologies spotted at the 2012 edition of Fabtech, the annual metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.

There’s More Than One Way to Carve a Pumpkin
Flow International shows off an unusual way to create a Halloween jack-o-lantern.

Waterjet Provides Accuracy, Cuts Variety of Materials
Flow International Corporation’s Mach series waterjet cutting system are said to be well-suited for a variety of industries.

Waterjet System Can Expand to Meet Business Growth
Flow International's Mach 4c waterjet is designed to optimize the production environment and the Mach 2b is designed to provide value.