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Company Profile

Ganesh Machinery, Inc. It began with a dream in 1985 to deliver to the market machine tools that provided the highest value and productivity available.  We are still driven by this same commitment to you.

Ganesh Machinery was established in March of 1985 as a small family business.  In just three short years the company blossomed into a 4,000 sq. ft. operation, and the growth didn’t stop there.  By focusing on great customer support and building customer loyalty, Ganesh has expanded into a thriving 15,000 sq. ft.  State-of-the-art business, backed by a 40,000 sq. ft. machine warehouse.  We have sold and serviced machines in thousands machine shops, manufacturing businesses, technical schools, and distributors across all industries.

At Ganesh you will find a diverse array of machines to meet your machining needs.  With a full selection of options and unparalleled machine quality, you are sure to find the right Ganesh machine solution that will help grow your business and propel your company into the future in this highly competitive business environment.  We are known in our industry for our quality workmanship and professional and friendly service, making us your best choice when you need technical assistance.  

Ganesh provides you with one - stop shop for all of your machining needs.  We provide Multi-Tasking turning machines, CNC machining centers, 5 - axis milling centers, CNC Swiss screw machines, Big - Bore manual and CNC Lathes, CNC turning centers, and manual & CNC tool room lathes and milling machines.  All of our machines are manufactured in our ISO-9001 facilities in Taiwan.  Many of the critical components that go into our machines are manufactured in Japan.

Ganesh stands behind our commitment to provide our customers with complete satisfaction by providing high quality well engineered machines, and outstanding after-sale-service.  Every Ganesh machine is designed to provide you with the best quality and technology available so that you get the best value in the industry.  We invite you to learn more about Ganesh and our machine tools and how we can help you achieve your own dreams.



Product Categories of Ganesh Machinery

  • CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Lathes, Cycle-Controlled (Semi-CNC or "Teachable")
  • Lathes, Manual
  • Milling Machines, Bed-Type
  • Milling Machines, Knee & Column, Non-ATC
  • Milling Machines, Universal
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis

Trade Names

  • Ganesh Machinery

Deep Links

Heavy Duty CNC Gang Tool Lathe

"Heavy Duty CNC Gang Tool Lathe" by Ganesh (Cyclone - 32 GT). The gang tool design facilitates faster setups and increases production because no time is wasted to index the turret. Full "C Axis", Polygon Turning, Parts Catcher are a few unique options available on our Cyclone-25 GT Lathe.

Toolroom Manual & CNC Mill / Lathes - Ganesh Machinery

Toolroom "Manual & CNC Knee Mills and Lathes" are the ideal machines for yourtoolroom department.

Toolroom Manual Knee Mills & Lathes,CNC Bed Mills & CNC Lathes. Here at Ganesh Machinery we are a top supplier of toolroom Manual Knee Mills and CNC Knee Mills, Lathe Machines. Available here on our site we have Manual Knee Mills, CNC Bed Mills, & Manual Lathes. Browse here our fine selection of these CNC and manual toolroom machines and manual lathes. Take for instance our GMV-4 manual CNC vertical knee mill rugged box way which comes with precision class 7 spindle bearings and hardened & ground box ways. The GMV-4 also comes with a 5 HP, 40 Taper Spindle and a coolant pump standard. Our GT-1340 tool room engine is one of our Manual  lathes and comes with hardened and ground ways and gears, meehanite castings with 13" Swing and 40" between centers. The GT-1340 comes with Inch/metric threading and a safety footbrake standard. For more information on all of our CNC  toolroom machines and CNC bed mills explore our site

CNC Turninig Milling Machine

Looking for CNC Turning Centers, CNC Turn Mill Centers, and much more Browse here our fine selection of these CNC turning centers and CNC milling centers. Take for instance our KSL-5210T CNC Turning Center which comes standard with a box way to maximize tool life, an available 8" chuck with a 4,500 RPM spindle and double nut pre-tensioned ball screws. Our KSL-5212TMY CNC Turning and Milling Center comes a full "C" axis with 360,000 Rotary Positions and an available spindle probe and parts catcher. The KSL-7612TMY also comes with live tool holders standard.

For more information please visit

CNC Swiss Screw Bar Machines - Ganesh Machinery

Multi Tasking CNC Machines 3-11 Axis at Ganesh Machinery we have a wide selection of Multi Axis, Multi Tasking CNC Machines including CNC Swiss Machines, CNC Gang Tool Lathes, Multi Axis CNC Lathes and Multi Axis CNC Turning Centers. Browse here our fine selection of these Multi Axis Bar Machines. Take for instance our CYCLONE-32GT - Heavy Duty CNC Gang Tool Lathe. Complete with a gang tool design which offers a fast chip to chip time and a full "C" Axis with 360,000 Rotary Positions. This is one of our top Multi Axis Machines. We also have many other great Multi Axis CNC machines such as our CYCLONE-32CS CNC Swiss Machine. The 32CS Multi Axis, multi spindle Machine features complete turning, milling, front and back on one machine and a full parts catcher with conveyor. For more information please visit



Manual & CNC Oil Country Big Bore Lathes - Ganesh Machinery

Manual & CNC Oil Country Big Bore Lathes at Ganesh Machinery we have a wide selection of Big Bore Oil Country Manual CNC Machines including CNC Big Bore Lathes and Big Bore Manual Lathes. Browse here our fine selection of these Manual CNC Lathe Machines. Take for instance our GTW-34-38-42 Manual Big Bore Lathe with a full length splash guard and safety foot brake standard. The GTW-34 comes with a 6 1/8" Spindle Bore and a 30 HP Spindle Motor. Our GTD-44CNC, Big Bore Manual Lathes comes available with Fagor or Fanuc CNC Controls and rugged meehanite casting. For more information please visit


Vertical Machining Center 3 - 5 Axis

Vertical Machining Center, 3 - 5 Axis VMC

VMC High Speed & Box Way Vertical Machining Center 
Here at Ganesh Machinery we are your Vertical Machining Center choice. Available on our site we have 3 Axis VMC Machines, 5 Axis VMC Machines, High Speed CNC Machines, Geared Head Box Way CNC Machines. Browse here our fine selection of these High Speed CNC Machines. Take for instance our VFM-4024B Vertical Machining Center with a 32 station twin arm tool changer, Rigid Tapping and Ethernet Standard. The VFM-2818 also comes with an 12,000 RPM Spindle and Powerful Mitsubishi Controls. Our  5 Axis VMC Machines with Tsudakoma Trunnion have a 5-Sided machining which helps Combine operations in a space saving design.

For more information on all of our High speed CNC machining centers please visit

Product Announcements Provided By Ganesh Machinery

Twin Spindle Twin Turret CNC Turn Mill Cyclone 52 - TTMY

Slant Bed CNC Turning Center Machines

B Axis CNC Turn Mill Center Lathe - Ganesh Machinery

CNC Swiss Type lathe Cyclone - 32 CS 7 Axis

3 axis Heavy Duty Gang Tool Lathe - Ganesh Machinery

Vertical Machining Center - Ganesh Machinery

CNC Turning Milling Center Machines - Ganesh Machinery

Manual & CNC Big Bore Oil Country Lathes - Ganesh Machinery

As seen in MMS

Lathe Utilizes Part Belts for Automatic Operation
Ganesh Machinery introduces the ASL-100 CNC lathe with automatic part loading and unloading capability for processing parts with diameters ranging to 2.3".

CNC Lathe with Subspindle Completes Jobs in One Operation
The Ganesh Cyclone 78-MSY is a subspindle CNC lathe designed to enable efficient completion of a job in only one operation.

Multitasking Lathe Machines Complex Aerospace Workpieces
The six-axis Ganesh Cyclone 78-MYS twin-spindle, single-turret multitasking lathe is designed to get complex work done efficiently in a single operation.

Slant-Bed Lathes Damp Vibration
Ganesh Machinery’s ASL boxway slant-bed CNC lathes are designed for efficient metal removal and heavy cutting loads.

VMC Prewired for Fourth-, Fifth-Axis Applications
The Ganesh VFM-4024 vertical machining center is available in both boxway and cross-roller linear way versions.

High-Capacity EDM Enables Unattended Operation
Ganesh’s 50-amp, high-capacity ZNC-2350 EDM is designed for precision mold shop work, with a programmable Z axis and automatic fire extinguisher system to enable unattended operation.

Ganesh Opens Technical Center
The grand opening will take place on May 7.

Automatic Robotic Machine Tending Systems Complete Jobs in One Handling
Ganesh offers multitasking machines with fully robotic machine tending systems.

Inside Angles Revealed
It’s common to see sample parts on the show floor as machine tool manufacturers demonstrate the capabilities of their equipment.

Ganesh CNC Gang-Tool Lathes Offer Workhandling Options
Ganesh Machinery’s Bolt-Master series of CNC gang-tool lathes feature a variety of workhandling solutions, including vibratory bowl feeds and racked parts to automatically feed the spindle without operator assistance.

High Performance VMC
The Ganesh VFM 4020 Express VMC table measures 40" × 23".

High-Performance VMC
Ganesh’s VFM 4020 Express VMC features a 40" × 23" table.

Ganesh to Unveil New Machines at Open House
Ganesh Machinery will unveil two new machines at an open house scheduled for September 14 at its Chatsworth, California headquarters.

CNC Lathe Improves Productivity
Ganesh Machinery’s Cyclone 32-GT three-axis, 32-mm (1¼") bar diameter CNC lathe features a heavily ribbed cast iron construction designed to damp cutting vibration for improved productivity, surface finish and tool life.

Ganesh Expands Training Area
To accommodate customer needs, Ganesh Machinery has expanded the classroom training area of its Chatsworth, California campus.

Ganesh Rolls Out New Machine for 25th Anniversary
Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Ganesh Machinery has introduced the new 8-axis Cyclone TTMY-52 CNC lathe for complex, 2” diameter bar work.

Turn-Mill Features Twin Spindles, More
 The Cyclone 52-CS CNC turn-mill center is capable of full bar, chuck and shaft machining with a 2" bar capacity and 6" chucks.

High-Performance Universal CNC Lathe
Ganesh says its KSL-7612T heavy-duty boxway CNC turning center with Fanuc control is suited for manufacturers looking to reduce cost. It features full bar, chuck and shaft machining capability; 3" bar capacity; a 10" chuck; a 15.

Five-Axis CNC Center With Rotary Table
The five-axis, 5X-160 CNC machining center features a Tsudakoma trunnion five-axis rotary table. Standard features of the machine include box ways, high speed look-ahead, chip wash, spindle air blast and more. The company also offers the Cyclone-32 CS seven-axis, dual-spindle, CNC turn/mill center.

Twin-Spindle Lathe Shortens Cycle Times
The Ganesh Cyclone-32 GTS has dual gang slides to allow the main spindle and the subspindles to work independently, shortening cycle times because both spindles are working simultaneously. The spindles provide fast acceleration and deceleration, the company says. These machines come standard with 1,181-ipm rapids a