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Product Categories of GBI Cincinnati, Inc.

  • Bar Feed Mechanisms
  • Boring Machines
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Milling Machines, Bed-Type
  • Milling Machines, Planer, Gantry & Bridge Type
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  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

  • CV4020
  • Matec
  • Revolution
  • SHW

As seen in MMS

High-Precision VMC Suited For Multiple Applications
GBI Cincinnati’s SMS SMV-40 series of VMCs is suited for a variety of applications, including precise die/mold work; mixed-volume, short-run operations; and dedicated high-volume applications. With X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 1,000, 520 and 505 mm, respectively, the machine combines high-performance milling and large machining capacity within a compact footprint of 2,800 × 2,185 × 3,000 mm.

Die/Mold Shop Joins Constant Velocity Revolution
According to machine tool supplier GBI Cincinnati, data processing inefficiency inherent in many CNCs can cause actual feeds and speeds to vary significantly from those called for in the part program, leading to acceleration and deceleration during the cut. GBI’s Revolution machine, which features a high speed control designed to keep feeds and speeds closer to programmed rates, has helped this shop significantly improve cycle time and tool life on demanding prototyping applications.

Five-Axis Turn/Mill Center
GBI Cincinnati’s five-axis, traveling-column machining center, the matec-30 HV/K, has torque drives in the swiveling axes (swivel head and rotary table) and is suited for precise mold work and mixed-volume, short run operations. With X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 1,300, 600 and 800 mm, respectively, the center combines high-performance turning/milling and large machining capacity within a compact, 4,900- × 4,355- × 3,250-mm footprint. The 1,515- × 635-mm table with five T slots can handle a maximum table load of 1,000 kg.

VMC For Precise Mold, Die Work
The SMS SMV-40 series of VMCs from GBI Cincinnati is said to be ideal for ultra-precise mold and die work as well as mixed-volume, short-run operations. It can also be used for dedicated high-volume applications. With X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 1,000, 520 and 505 mm, respectively, the VMC combines high-performance milling and large machining capacity within a footprint of 2,800 × 2,185 × 3,000 mm.

High-Speed VTCs
GBI Cincinnati’s SMS CNC, high speed vertical turning centers are said to be ideal for mixed volume, short-run operations as well as dedicated high-volume applications. With a swing of 650 mm and a maximum turning diameter and height of 610 mm and 505 mm, the SMS AC-600 combines high-performance turning and large machining capacity within a compact 1,700- × 1,600- × 12,942-mm footprint. X-axis travel is 306 mm and Z-axis travel is 505 mm.

The Case For Constant Velocity
Constant Velocity Technology uses high speed computer hardware and creative algorithms to enable machine tools to achieve fast, consistent feed rates across complicated 3D surfaces.

VMC For Precision-Milled Part Challenges

Alternate Workholding Method Fits New Machining Strategy
Increased demand for armor plating components led this shop to completely revamp its machining technique. Rather than machining individual workpieces, the shop produces multiple components nested in an aluminum plate. A custom vacuum workholding system plays a significant role in this new strategy.

Spain Continues To Focus Abroad
This year’s BIEMH show proved that Spain’s machine tool builders, as well as its tooling and accessory manufacturers, are looking outward to a growing global market.

VMCs And More

Five-Axis, Five-Sided Large-Capacity Machining Capabilities

VMC Line Features Three Performance Levels

Job Shop Cuts Processing Time 60 Percent
Innovative Manufacturing used to spend ten minutes per part machining cast iron differential housings for golf carts, but now total machining time is down to three minutes, 45 seconds. According to Innovative owner and president Rob Sander, the productivity leap came when the company consolidated turning, milling, drilling and reaming into a single machine tool.

Taking Advantage Of Superabrasives
Using the cutting capabilities of a superabrasive grinding wheel requires a systematic processing approach. It takes more to get good process results than just slapping a superabrasive grinding wheel on a machine tool.

The New Model For Short-Order Manufacturing
Through the combination of innovative process development, cellular manufacturing and quick setup procedures, this shop found a way to mix efficiency and flexibility in small-lot machining.

One-Man Machine Shop Has Flexibility For Parts Many Shops Pass Up
Some of the most difficult parts for Boeing Aircraft are made not in a factory, but in a one-man machine shop located down a country lane, 23 miles south of Tacoma, Washington.

Five Fold Growth Forged With CNC Turning Centers
This shop saw its production volume mushroom after it began making tooling for the hot forging of automotive and non-automotive engine valves.