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A Special Message from GenSwiss

GenSwiss provides specialized tools and accessories for CNC Swiss-type machines. Products include PCM Rotary Broaching Tools, Live Spindles and Attachments for Citizen, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, Maier, Nexturn, Solid Carbide Slitting Saws, Premium Swiss Cutting Tools by UTILIS AG of Switzerland 

NEW Coolant-Thru tool holding clamp for 1/2
NEW Coolant-Thru tool holding clamp for 1/2" Shank CITIZEN machines

NEW Coolant-Thru Tool Holding Clamps for CNC Swiss Machines

NEW from UTILIS: Multidec-Lube coolant-thru tool clamps for easy plumbing of high pressure cutting oil right at the tool edge. 

This exciting new product eliminates the need to bend cumbersome tubing or disturbing the coolant jet setup every time a tool insert requires changing. Plumb each tool position just once and never have to disturb it again! 

In addition to making coolant delivery a snap, each clamp also features an adjustable stop for positioning the tool holder shank in a repeatable location and features greater rigidity than other 'quick change' tool holder clamping systems on the market due to being the same length as the OEM tool clamps. Eliminates "split shank" quick change tooling systems. 

Does not require a user to utilize one brand of cutting tools. Works with ANY square shank Swiss tooling. 

Available for 1/2" shank CITIZEN machines by January 2014. Other makes and models coming by 2nd Quarter 2014

MULTIDEC 3000 Coolant Thru Tool Holders for Longer Insert Life and High Performance
MULTIDEC 3000 Coolant Thru Tool Holders for Longer Insert Life and High Performance

New MULTIDEC 3000 Coolant Thru Tool Holders for High Performance

New MULTIDEC 3000 coolant through tool holders incorporate an internal coolant jet stream aimed at the 3000 series insert edge. Provides optimal lubrication and cooling, longer insert life for front, back turning, grooving, and threading operations. Designed for pressures over 2000 psi. Stock sizes are 1/2” and 5/8” square shank. Other sizes available.  Holders eliminate use of solid coolant delivery lines for faster setup and more accurate coolant delivery position to the insert. No need for custom proprietary gang plate, no coolant manifold installation is required, or other modifications to the coolant feed systems.

NEW Ti-Loc(tm) micro end mill extensions for CNC Swiss Machines. Rigidly extends micro tooling
NEW Ti-Loc(tm) micro end mill extensions for CNC Swiss Machines. Rigidly extends micro tooling

TI-LOC End Mill Extensions for Micro End Mills

GenSwiss offers the new Ti-Loc SwissClamp slitting and milling toolholders for increased rigidity, high quality and long tool life. It enables quick-change of tooling into fixed locations. Designed to direct mount to any ER 16-collet holder using standard ER nuts, the taper integrated Ti-Loc(tm) toolholders extends micro end mills closer to the workpiece and eliminates inaccuracies caused by “tolerance stacking”. Typical TIR is held to 0.0004” or better. All mating surfaces are precision ground.

The Ti-Loc taper integrated design eliminates a collet and allows the operator to preset tool length out of the machine. For both sawing and milling, repeatable positioning is a given as well as increased rigidity.

Arbors are available for 5 mm, 8 mm, and ¼” and 5/16” ID saws with more sizes in development. Micro end mill extensions are available to hold 3 mm, 4 mm, 1/8 and 3/16” shanks with more sizes developing. Toolholder Installation simply requires a twist and snap into any ER clamping nut. No special holding nut is required. The quick change is accomplished by loosening the clamping nut, allowing the toolholder to break from the locking taper of the spindle or sleeve.  

Company Profile

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. provides specialized tools and accessories for CNC Swiss-type machines & lathes. Products include PCM Rotary Broaching Tools, Live Spindles and Attachments for Citizen, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, Maier, Nexturn, Solid Carbide Slitting Saws, Premium Swiss Cutting Tools by UTILIS AG of Switzerland, Thread Whirling Products & Premium Cutting oils.

Product Categories of GenSwiss

  • Arbors (for Cutters)
  • Boring Tools for Turning Machines
  • Broaching Attachments
  • Broaching Tools
  • Buffing & Polishing Machines
  • Centrifugal Barrel & Disc Finishing Machines
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
  • CNC Attachments
  • Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
  • Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
  • Deburring Machines
  • Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
  • Drill Bushings
  • Drill Chucks
  • Drilling Heads/Attachments
  • Drills
  • End Mills
  • Grooving Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Knurling Tools
  • Milling Heads/Attachments
  • Polygon Turning Attachments
  • Reamers
  • Reaming Attachments
  • Saw Blades
  • Slotting Attachments
  • Slotting Saws
  • Spindles
  • Spline Inserts
  • Tap Drivers & Attachments
  • Tapping Attachments
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Thread Whirling Attachments
  • Thread Whirling Tools
  • Threading Tools
  • Threading Tools - Cutting
  • Tool Bushings & Adaptors Attachments
  • Tool Turrets
  • Toolholders
  • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
  • Vibratory Tumbling Machines

Trade Names

  • GenBore
  • GenCut
  • GenSwiss
  • Gloor
  • Louis Belet SA
  • Magafor
  • Multidec CUT
  • Multidec ISO
  • Multidec Thread Whirl
  • Multidec TOP
  • PCM
  • PCM Willen
  • Stampfli
  • Utilis

Deep Links

Thread Whirling Spindles for CITIZEN Swiss Machines Thread Whirling is a fast and productive way to produce long threaded parts such as bone screws.

High Performance Thread Whirling Rings for CNC Swiss Machines High Performance Thread Whirling rings increase productivity of long threaded parts such as medical implants

Rotary Broaching Products for CNC Machines Genevieve Swiss is a source for imported Rotary Broaching Tools & Holders manufactured by PCM Willen of Switzerland.

Swiss-Type Turning & Boring tools by UTILIS AG of Switzerland Premium Turning tools ideal for Medical and Aerospace Manufacturing

As seen in MMS

Tooling Package for Increased Productivity
GenSwiss offers its Lous Belet SA precision carbide Expert series tooling packages designed for aluminum, brass, titanium, stainless steels and composite material groups.

Fast Delivery for Application-Specific Swiss-type Inserts
GenSwiss now offers delivery times of less than three weeks for application-specific Utilis inserts used with Utilis thread whirling rings and attachments in Swiss-type machines.

Coolant-Through Toolholders Equipped with Dual Ports
GenSwiss Dual Port coolant-through toolholders feature a single coolant feed line and a double-jet design with one port on the front and one on the back.

Replacement Spindles for High Speed Micromachining Operations
Designed for Star SR and SV series CNC Swiss-type machines, GenSwiss’ PCM high speed spindles turn as fast as 15,000 rpm in micromachining operations.

Toolholder Avoids Tolerance Stacking
GenSwiss will feature its Ti-Loc SwissClamp slitting and milling toolholders designed to direct-mount to any ER16 collet holder using ER nuts.

Swiss-Type Company Zooms in on Micro Drilling
Shops focused on Swiss-type turning should add GenSwiss Booth W-1592 to their IMTS exhibitor “hit lists,” according to GenSwiss Marketing Manager Scott Laprade. He says the company differentiates itself by focusing solely on Swiss-type machining.

GenSwiss Modular Back Toolholders Suit Swiss-Type Machines
Multidec Back Tool toolholders from GenSwiss enable turning operations to be performed on the subspindle and from an ID tool position on Swiss-type machines.

Swiss Tools for Micro Grooving, Turning
Designed for micro turning and grooving applications in Swiss-type machines, the Multidec 1600 series tools use inserts ranging from 0.0019" to 0.108" thick with cutting edge repeatability of 0.004".

Micro Grooving on Swiss Machines
In any turning application, grooving can be a critical, even challenging, operation.

Toolholder Increases Machining Capacity
The GenBore ID triple toolholder is designed to add three ID tool stations in place of a standard OD turning position on most Swiss-type CNC machines.

The Importance of Float During Micro Reaming
Micro reamers require a floating holder to compensate for any machine positioning inaccuracies.

Tools for Thin Grooving and Micro-Turning Work
The Utilis Multidec 1600 series thin grooving and micro turning tools is designed for work measuring less than 0.125" diameter.

Specialized, High-Precision Tooling For Swiss-Types
The company offers specialized high-precision tooling and accessories designed for users of Swiss-type machines and other small-parts manufacturing equipment. The product line includes Utilis Swiss-made inserts, which provide repeatability of less than 0. 0004" for turning work 1" in diameter and less.

Double-Sided Turning Inserts
The Utilis Multidec 3000 series double-sided turning inserts are said to provide long life and repeatability to 0. 0004" for cutoff, front and back turn, groove and turn and threading work. The holder features a recessed pocket for precise locating, increased insert rigidity and absorbed cutting forces, making the series especially useful for a range of tough applications, the company says.

Tooling For Swiss-type Machines