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  Fives Giddings & Lewis is an industry leading provider of large high-precision machine tools.

Welcome to Fives Giddings & Lewis

New Giddings & Lewis Machines With Job Shop AppealJob shops told us the features,capabilities and price they wanted in their machine tools and we listened.

Welcome to Fives Giddings & Lewis

Giddings & Lewis V Series 800 mm – 2.5 m vertical turning centers have features you won't find on other lathes.

Innovative and Productive Heads and Attachments

Y-axis attachments for vertical turning centers, integrated contouring heads which combine a live spindle and contouring head in one headstock and high torque T-Rex spindles that set the record for titanium removal are just a few of the innovative machine tool heads and attachments from Fives Giddings & Lewis.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

heavy titanium machining with high-torque spindle

Video: High-Torque Titanium Hogging
Judging from the results of this machining test, the T-Rex horizontal boring machine (HBM) spindle is aptly named.

T-Rex spindle hogging titanium

On Power, Torque, Speed and Hogging Titanium
The T-Rex spindle from Fives Giddings & Lewis is designed for high-torque and low-speed cutting critical for hogging titanium.

Fives Giddings and Lewis V800 Vertical Turning Center

VTC Features Hydrostatic Ram for Maximized Rigidity
Fives Giddings and Lewis present the V series of vertical turning centers including the V 800 model.

Fives Giddings & Lewis RT 130

Traveling-Column, Horizontal Boring Mills Increase Accuracy
Fives Giddings & Lewis introduces a new line of traveling-column, horizontal boring mills (HBMs) said to offer high accuracy and cutting capacity, moving the column in the Z-axis and the tables in the X-axis.

Single point probe

Seven Tips to Ensure Accurate Probing
When used correctly, probing can have significant cost, efficiency and quality benefits.

The Giddings & Lewis V series

Vertical Turning Centers Perform Heavy Cutting with Less Friction
The Giddings & Lewis V series available from Fives Machining Systems is a line of vertical turning centers designed for shops that need a multi-purpose lathe capable of handling a range of parts such as pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs, jet engine housings and more.

Off-Centerline Milling, Drilling and Tapping Take Center Stage
Fives brings off-centerline turning, drilling, milling and tapping capabilities to its Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers with a new Y-axis attachment that combines a C-axis head with table and X- and Z-axes motions.

Mag integrated contouring head

Integrated Contouring Head for Boring Mills and HMCs
Mag offers an integrated contouring head for horizontal boring mills in 1,250 and 1,600 mm (49.1" and 63") table/pallet sizes and live-spindle horizontal machining centers in 800 to 1,600 mm (31.5" to 63") pallet size.

Johnford ST-80 CH turning center from Absolute Machine Tools

A Preview of Houstex 2013
This slideshow provides a sneak peek at some of the technologies that will be on display at Houstex 2013.

Video: Blisk Milling
The process seen here uses trochoidal tool paths and cryogenic cooling

Mag Cyclo Cool

High-Performance Coolant Formulated for Fracking Pump Parts
Mag’s Cyclo Cool 4000 and 4100 metalworking fluids are formulated for machining stainless and heat-treated steels used in forgings for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pump parts and similar equipment for the oil and gas industry.

90 Cubic Inches Per Minute in Titanium
Mag says its XTi super profiler is designed to remove metal at impressive rates. Its first two machines are are being used for aerospace applications.

Mag Freedom eWare

Software Suite for Manufacturing Data Reporting
The Freedom eWare software suite from Mag is a manufacturing data reporting platform designed to provide feedback on availability, performance and quality from any industrial asset on the plant floor.

Mag's high-torque T-Rex spindle

T-Rex HMC Spindle Designed for Hard Metal Machining
Mag’s high-torque T-Rex spindle is available on four-axis 1250/1600 HMCs.

Larger Equipment Helps Expand Vision
The largest vertical-capacity Carl Zeiss CMM in the Western hemisphere and four large boring mills from MAG Giddings & Lewis prove critical to machining massive wind turbine components at Three-M Tool and Machine.

Minimizing Turnaround Times for Big Parts
The key to success (and the primary challenge) for any job shop is minimizing turnaround time for non-repeating work. This Indiana shop shares some of its strategies for reducing lead times for the various large-scale jobs it encounters.

Big Machining for a Big Gear
Here’s an example in which MAG demonstrates it knows how to use machine tools as well as build them.

End Mills Remove Titanium at High Rates
MAG’s CYCLO CUT Max-Flute end mills machine internal structures in titanium, Inconel and stainless steel components with removal rates ranging to 8"/3 min. with 25 foot-pounds of torque and 9 hp.

Long-Lasting Insert Turns Around Tough Inconel Job
By changing to a hex-shaped turning insert with a 45-degree lead angle, this shop saved thousands of dollars on a difficult Inconel turning application.

Shrink-Fit Toolholder Keeps Mills in Place During Hard Cutting
MAG’s Cyclo Lock shrink-fit tool holders are designed to prevent end mills from pulling out during heavy cuts in titanium, Inconel and other hard metals used in production of high-value parts for the aerospace and heavy equipment industries.

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