Gorbel Inc.

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600 Fisher Run
Fishers, NY 14453-0593 US

Product Categories of Gorbel Inc.

  • All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading and Feeding Equipment not specified
  • Die Handling Equipment
  • Lifting & Positioning Equipment

Trade Names

  • Cleveland Tramrail®
  • Easy Arm™
  • G-Force®
  • Tarca® Systems
  • Tether Track Fall Protection System

As seen in MMS

Intelligent Lifting Devices Feature Modular Design And Onboard Diagnostics
The company’s line of G-Force Q and iQ intelligent lifting devices includes two new capabilities. The designs are available in 165- and 330-lb (75- and 150-kg) capacities, in addition to the existing 660-lb (300-kg) capacity. The units’ technology combines the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operation wit