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Company Profile

Gradient Lens Corporation designs, manufactures and sells its patented line of Hawkeye Precision Borescopes. Hawkeye rigid, flexible and video borescopes deliver all the image quality of the finest instruments in the world, and sell for a fraction of the price. Over 80 Hawkeye rigid, flexible, and video borescopes, and video microscopes, are in stock and ready for overnight delivery., 800-536-0790.

Product Categories of Gradient Lens Corporation

  • Borescopes
  • Vision Systems

Trade Names

  • Hawkeye Precision Borescopes

As seen in MMS

Portable Video Camera Attaches to Borescopes
The Luxxor portable video camera from Gradient Lens attaches to most rigid or flexible borescopes with a video coupler.

Video Borescope Provides Portable Inspection, Image Capture
The Hawkeye Video Borescope from Gradient Lens is suited for visual inspection when portability and easy image capture are key factors.

Borescopes Target Rifle Barrel Defects
As one of only three manufacturers to receive a contract to produce mil-spec M-16 rifles, Sabre Defence must produce barrels to the most stringent quality standards. Hawkeye Borescopes from Gradient Lens Corporation offer the only way to view the insides of the barrels and meet the company’s visual inspection standards.

Flexible Borescope Line Expanded
Gradient Lens Corporation has expanded its line of Hawkeye Pro Flexible Borescopes to include diameters of 3. 3 and 4 mm in addition to 5 mm.

Video Microscope Converts For Use With A Borescope
The Luxxor video microscope is an inspection station that allows users to attach either a microscope lens or a borescope to its mount. The microscope attachment features an f/4. 5 zoom lens that delivers sharp, close-up views of the exterior of any metal machined part, casting or welded part, with magnification ranges from 15× to 83×.

Precision Borescope

Seeing Is Believing: A Good Look Inside Can Save Time And Money
Tactair decided to purchase a set of Hawkeye precision borescopes from Gradient Lens Corporation. The company can now inspect parts at each step of the manufacturing process more quickly and easily. By using the Hawkeye borescopes, Tactair has saved labor and materials costs. On one job alone, the company estimates the labor and materials savings paid for the scopes. The company also has found that engineers and machinists have begun using the Hawkeyes to optimize the setup process.