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Industrial Parts Washers
Industrial Parts Washers

Heated drum-mount aqueous parts washers available in 16 gallon size with stainless steel sink or 30 gallon size made of non-corrosive industrial strength thick walled thermoplastic. Recirculate heated aqueous cleaning solution through 300 GPH pump. The model featured here is a rugged non-corrosive thermoplastic parts washer with lid recirculates heated, filtered aqueous cleaning solution thru flow-thru brush or stay-put nozzle is ideal for job site general parts cleaning in industrial, marine, automotive, farm and aviation industries.

Oil Separators
Oil Separators

The Graymills Oil Separator is designed for the separation and removal of emulsified and free oil from water-based machine tool coolants used in CNC machining centers and lathes. It is effective for tramp oil separation in machine tool systems using water-based synthetic and semi-synthetic coolant. Using proven oil removal principals, the OSEP-2 enhances the workplace environment by helping to keep bacterial levels to a minimum and eliminates “smoking” caused by oils in the coolant coming in contact with hot tooling.


Multiple styles of pumps available including Centrifugal, Gear, and Diaphragm versions to handle a wide range of applications and deliver up to 350GPM of flow and 180PSI of pressure. The TN Series pumps are designed to cover a wide range of pumping applications. They can handle thin and heavy liquids containing abrasives and bits of solids, while maintaining consistent and dependable flow. Except for 24" and 36" models, pumps are designed so that there are no bearings or seals in the liquid, making them virtually maintenance-free.

Product Categories of Graymills Corporation

  • Cleaning & Degreasing Equipment, Aqueous
  • Coolant Delivery Systems
  • Coolant Reclamation Equipment
  • Oil Filtration & Treatment Equipment
  • Pumps, Coolant
  • Solvents & Degreasing Agents

Trade Names

  • Biomatic
  • Clean-O-Matic
  • Flo-Bac
  • HandiKleen
  • Liftkleen
  • Sonic Liftkleen
  • Super Sonic Liftkleen
  • Tempest


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Self-Indexing Gravity Bed Filter
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Heated Aqueous Parts Washer

Parts Washer Removes Swarf, Oils, Grease And More