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Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2700ºF, are described in this catalog from Grieve. Custom-designed heat processing systems, too. Grieve offers laboratory, bench, cabinet, truck, walk-in and conveyor ovens; cleanroom and pharmaceutical ovens; laboratory and industrial furnaces; environmental test chambers and more. For all heat processing and heat treating applications.

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1000º rotary hearth oven for heat treating

2000º gas-fired pallet furnace

2000ºF box furnace for heat treating

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Inert-Atmosphere Furnace for Heat Treating
The No. 854 from Grieve is a high-temperature, 2,200°F electrically-heated, inert-atmosphere floor furnace for heat treating.

Conveyor Oven for Heat Treating Reaches 850°F
The No. 867 gas-heated belt conveyor oven from Grieve provides 850°F (454°C) for production heat treating.

Conveyor Oven for Heat Treating Reaches 850°F
The No. 867 gas-heated belt conveyor oven from Grieve provides 850°F (454°C) for production heat treating.

Walk-In Oven Cures Coatings on Titanium
Grieve’s No. 946 1,000°F, electrically-heated, vertical airflow walk-in oven is designed for curing coatings on titanium screens.

Conveyor Oven Dries Steel Mesh Workpieces
Grieve’s No. 1021 is a 1,250°F belt conveyor oven suitable for drying steel mesh materials.

500°F Walk-In Oven Complies with Flammable Solvent Standards
Grieve's No. 806 walk-in oven is a 500ºF (260ºC), electrically-heated oven designed for paint-baking operations.

High-Temperature Oven Features Heavy-Duty Loading Truck
Grieve's No. 910 1,000°F, gas-fired walk-in oven features an 880,000-btu modulating natural gas burner and a 12,500-cfm recirculating blower for heat-cleaning large valve bodies.

Box Furnace Heat Treats Titanium
Grieve’s No. 954 inert atmosphere box furnace heats to 2,000°F (1,093°C) and is intended for heat treating titanium.

500°F Cabinet Oven Offers Four Compartments
The No. 1011 500°F four-door cabinet oven from Grieve is designed for stress relieving stainless steel workpieces.

High-Temperature Inert Atmosphere Oven
Grieve’s No. 966 1,250°F inert atmosphere oven is electrically heated for stress relief of machined steel.

Electric Cabinet Oven Accommodates Large Gears
The No. 1030 electric cabinet oven from Grieve is a 550°F floor-level oven designed for heating large gears.

Electric Oven Heats to 500°F
Grieve’s No. 877 electric walk-in oven can be used for a variety of heat-processing applications.

Cabinet Oven for High-Temperature Heat Treating
The No. 965 electrically heated cabinet oven from Grieve reaches temperatures as high as 1,350°F (733°C).

Inert Atmosphere Box Furnace for Heat Treating
Grieve’s No. 954 is an electrically-heated, 2,000°F inert atmosphere box furnace, suitable for heat treating titanium.

Inert Atmosphere Cabinet Oven Capable of Processing Corrosive Materials
The No. 873 from Grieve is a 650°F, electrically heated inert atmosphere cabinet oven.

Inert-Atmosphere Cabinet Oven Used for Heat Treating
Grieve’s No. 855 is a 1,250°F electrically heated, inert-atmosphere cabinet oven designed for heat treating.

High-Temperature Cabinet Oven
No. 965 is a 1,350ºF electrically heated cabinet oven from Grieve designed for heat treating titanium.

Gas-Fired, Walk-In Oven
Grieve’s No. 940 gas-fired 500°F (260°C) walk-in oven is designed to cure brake friction materials at the user’s facility.

1,400°F Box Furnace
Grieve’s No. 863 is an electrically heated 1,400°F box furnace used for preheating molds.

Electric Rotary Hearth Oven
Grieve’s No. 847 electrically heated, 500ºF, rotary hearth oven is designed to preheat magnesium alloy castings prior to a shrink-fit operation.