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  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Machining Cells & FMS
  • Machining Flex Lines
  • Transfer Machines, Dial Index
  • Transfer Machines, In-Line
  • Transfer Machines, Rotary
  • Transfer Machines, Shuttle-Type
  • Universal Machining Centers

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  • G Modules

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Video: Rotating Table Swivels 180 Degrees on this Mill-Turn
For an unusual bell-shaped workpiece, Stein Seal turned to Grob Systems for a mill-turn machine with a horizontal spindle. A rotating, swiveling worktable on the vertical Y axis of this G550T machine enables it to do heavy-duty turning in a horizontal orientation. It can even take a workpiece from an upright position to one facing completely upside down. To see this table in action on another application, watch this video.

The Benefits of Horizontal Turning on a Mill-Turn Machine
A mill-turn machine that can rotate a large, bell-shaped workpiece in a horizontal orientation enabled this manufacturer to hit tight tolerance and cost targets. Minimizing non-value-added time and running lights out were also essential for success.

Industry 4.0 Was Big at EMO 2015
At Europe’s largest machine tool show, many exhibitors were eager to show how their products will help customers join the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Grob Holds In-House Exhibition
The line of universal machining centers was highlighted, as well as the connectivity package called Grob-Net 4 Industry.

Detecting Chips in a Milling Spindle
Chips in a milling spindle can subtly deform a tool assembly until the cutting tool is out of alignment. Grob's chip-in-spindle detection system detect stresses that may indicate chip interference.

What’s a Journeyman’s Card, Anyway?
Instead of a journeyman’s card, the apprenticeship program at Grob Systems offers a free associate degree as well as a paycheck and the possibility to launch a manufacturing career with the company.

All-In for Apprentices
The apprenticeship program at Grob Systems offers a free associate’s degree, a paycheck and the possibility to launch a manufacturing career with the company.

Grob Systems Names Distributor
Creative CNC will serve Grob customers in Wisconsin.

Chasing after Volumetric Accuracy
Grob Systems has developed a method of checking and compensating for possible distortions to a machine’s structure caused by the weight of a massive workpiece when it is machined in five axes.

Universal Machining Centers Enable Upside-Down Machining
Based on an HMC platform for automotive OEMs, Grob's G-series universal machining centers, which includes the G-350 and G-550, is designed for manufacturers in the medical, aerospace, die/mold and other industries.

Grob Partners with Merrifield
Merrifield will distribute the company’s machining centers and other products in Michigan.

Five-Axis HMCs Open Medical Shop Capability
By implementing Grob’s horizontal five-axis machine, B&J Medical was able to make parts quickly and accurately, meeting ISO certification demands for medical manufacturers.

HMC Offers Turning, Five-Axis Milling Operations
The G550T from Grob Systems is a high-precision HMC that can simultaneously machine parts in five axes as well as turn them.

Machine-Control Combo Ensures Speed, Precision
Five-axis HMCs from Grob with Sinumerik 840D sl CNCs from Siemens facilitate cost-effective production of cylinder heads at BMW’s motorcycle manufacturing plant in Berlin.

Five-Axis HMC With Slide-Mounted Spindle

HMC With Slide-Mounted Spindle Module

Getting To Know Grob
With some familiar names in the machine tool building business fading away recently through mergers, acquisitions, or shutdowns, it may be interesting to learn of an unfamiliar or little known machine tool builder.