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Company Profile

SPINDLE MANUFACTURER / SPINDLE REPAIR All That We Do Revolves Around You You, our customer, are at the center of all that we do. If you need spindle repair or your machine tool requirements have changed, GTI Spindle Technology can provide the service, experience and technology that you demand. Because we are on the cutting edge of new technology, we can provide a sensible approach to improving your productivity through our spindle repair rebuild process or a complete retrofit upgrade. Spindle Manufacturer / Spindle Repairs Nationwide Service & Sales Our fully equipped spindle repair facility is ready to meet your needs in a timely manner. We offer a variety of spindle repair and maintenance services, and represent a broad range of spindle and accessory manufacturers.

Product Categories of GTI Spindle Technology Incorporated

  • Bearings, Pulleys, Clutches, Gears & V-Belts
  • Borescopes
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Chillers
  • Consulting Services
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Flaw Detection Equipment
  • Gages - Digital
  • Grinding Attachments & Accessories
  • Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
  • Linear Servo Motors
  • Lubricants & Greases
  • Lubricators
  • Machine Monitoring Systems
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • On-Machine Probes
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Rotary Servo Motors
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Speed Reducers and Gear Boxes
  • Spindles
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
  • Surface Finish Measuring Equipment

Trade Names

  • Bijur
  • Dittel Messtechnik GmbH
  • Fuji Drives
  • Gamfior
  • GTI Bearing
  • GTI Predictive Technology
  • GTI Vibration Analysis
  • Okamoto Spindles
  • Okuma Spindles
  • Toyo Spindles

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Spindle Service Lead Time Your Down Time is Our Concern A written repair quotation and failure analysis will be provided to you within 1-3 business days after receipt of your product at our facility. Standard lead-time for our services is 5-15 business days after your quotation approval.

Spindle Parts and Accessories GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. maintains an alliance with the leading parts and accessories manufacturers in the industry. We distribute the highest quality Spindles, Motors, Lubrication Systems, Balance Control Systems, Acoustic Control Systems, Process Control Systems and other machine tools, accessories and parts.

On Line Spindle Repair GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. trained field service technicians are available to service your equipment at your plant. Our on-site spindle repair services include: Installation and Removal of Spindles and Drive Motors On-Site Evaluation -- including Machine and Spindle Diagnostics and Electrical and Mechanical Diagnostics Vibration Analysis Balancing Services Maintenance Training

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App Enables Cross-Channel Phase Analysis
GTI Predictive Technology Inc., creator of the VibePro vibration analysis data collector, offers X-Phase, an application for iPad that enables cross-channel phase analysis for predictive maintenance.

Explosion-Proof Bluetooth Sensor Features In-App Pairing
GTI Predictive Technology released an explosion-proof Bluetooth accelerometer for the iPad.

GTI Predictive Opens R&D Center
The new center houses the company’s iOS and web development team.

GTI Spindle Technology Opens North Carolina Facility
The company is hosting an open house in August 2016.

Updated Vibration Analysis Application
Updated Vibration Analysis Application GTI has released version 7.3 of its VibePro vibration analysis application for iPad.

Fending Off Spindle Failure
In addition to offering seminars on spindle preventative maintenance, GTI Spindle Technology also has a portable vibration analysis unit that can be operated via a tablet app.

Thermal Camera, Software Eases Preventive Maintenance
GTI Predictive’s ThermoPro package includes FLIR Systems’ thermal camera and the ThermoPro iPad app, enabling machine shops to use thermography to locate machinery problems as well as track thermal data over time for preventive maintenance.

Acquisition Expands GTI Spindle’s In-House Offerings
Innovative Machine and Design Technology will join GTI’s Bloomington, Illinois, facility to provide repair and reverse-engineering services.

Preventive Maintenance Via iPad
GTI Spindle Technology’s VibePro system enables users to monitor vibrations, temperature, velocity and other critical machine information.

Vibration Analyzer Integrates with Bluetooth Temperature Sensor
The VibePro and iVibraMeter applications on GTI Spindle Technology’s iPad vibration analyzer now integrate with Node Therma, a Bluetooth temperature sensor that communicates wirelessly with the vibration analyzer.

Vibration Analysis System for the iPad
GTI will showcase its VibePro vibration analysis application (app), which collects and analyzes vibration signals to an iPad at IMTS 2012.

Taking Spindle Health Seriously
Minimizing machine downtime became all the more important as this shop began targeting higher-production automotive work. To that end, it is in the early stages of implementing predictive spindle monitoring technology to head off problems that could take out key machines for extended periods of time.

Instant Spectrum Analysis
The wireless machine health monitor (MHM) from GTI Spindle provides full predictive maintenance information that is accessible anywhere, anytime, the company says, and there are virtually no limitations of sensor type or number of contact points. The system allows users to access vibration signatures, temperature, pressure and other vital information to ensure machine health.

Closed Loop System For High Speed Spindles
As high speed machining has become more common, machine tool spindle technology has continued to advance. Spindle lubrication has been a special area of concern, and significant improvements have been appearing steadily.

Grinding Spindles Take Grease To Higher Speed
Conventional wisdom has it that grease lubrication is fine for grinding spindles so long as speeds stay fairly low. As speed approaches 10,000 to 15,000 rpm, however, then heat becomes a major problem, leaving little choice but to go to an oil-and-air mist system.