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A Special Message from HEIDENHAIN Corporation

Come see us at IMTS 2012 - Booth E-5224 - September 10-15, 2012

Visit our Company Profile at IMTS and add us to MyShow Planner.
Visit our Company Profile at IMTS and add us to MyShow Planner.

CLICK HERE to download our IMTS 2012 PRODUCT GUIDE
CLICK HERE to download our IMTS 2012 PRODUCT GUIDE


Position Feedback
Linear, Angular and Rotary Encoders
NEW - LC 200 Series Linear Encoders

Accuracy from the First Part
Live demo of productivity gains from closed loop, absolute encoders
NEW - Angular Encoder Demo

Touch probes, in-process gauging, DROs
NEW - TS 640 Touch Probe

Next Generation CNC Controls
Milling / Turning in a single control
NEW - TNC 640 CNC Control

Mon. 10th - McCormick Place - East Building Room 353 - 11:15 AM
Mon. 10th - McCormick Place - East Building Room 353 - 11:15 AM

Guest Appearance - Energy Efficiency of Machine Tools

Dr. Jens Kummetz - Head of Application Development

In many branches of the investment goods industry, energy efficiency has developed into an important product characteristic. Geared motors for materials handling technology have been divided into efficiency classes for some time now. Machine tools comprise numerous motors and auxiliary components whose energy consumption can vary strongly during operation. The main spindle drive, for example, and the coolant system work near their rated power during roughing with a high material removal rate, while the power consumption during finishing is significantly lower. Potential savings result with regard to the nonproductive phases as auxiliary components like hydraulic or pneumatic components generate a significant base consumption of energy. Possibilities for reducing this base load can be found in proper energy management. Consumers are specifically switched off by the machine control in nonproductive phases. Measures to support the operator during setup also increase energy efficiency, because they shorten nonproductive phases and reduce the influence of the base load. Scrap inevitably increases energy consumption per good part. Manufacturing with accuracy starting from the very first part can therefore become a decisive factor for the energy efficiency of a machine tool. Machine designs with balanced thermal behavior and precise position measuring technology have a distinct advantage here.

After receiving his Diploma in electrical engineering and control engineering, Jens Kummetz worked as a research engineer at the Leibniz University of Hanover. Based on his research activities in the field of machine tools, control engineering and nonlinear dynamics, he received his PhD in the year 2000.

As an R&D manager for systems integration, his field of activities covers methods for system analysis and design like FEM, modal analysis and numerical simulation of high order systems with position controlled multi axis actuation.

Company Profile

HEIDENHAIN Corporation Headquarters

Every industry has one company that defines it, and in measurement feedback, that one company is HEIDENHAIN.

HEIDENHAIN Corporation is the North American subsidiary of the German company DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. This superior technology is utilized within high precision motion control and machining systems worldwide.

With over 100 years in the precision measurement industry, HEIDENHAIN is committed to providing customers with the products they need to meet the continually increasing demands for accuracy, precision, speed and cost savings.

The product lines include:

Primary industries served are metalworking, machine tool, semiconductor and electronics, motor/drive, general automation, and medical, but can be of service anywhere highly dependable precision measurement and motion control is needed.

At HEIDENHAIN’s North American headquarters in Schaumburg, IL, multiple company brands are represented including HEIDENHAIN, ACU-RITE, RSF Electronics, NUMERIK JENA, Leine & Linde, RENCO, and SUMTAK. This location is the North American source of sales and service of products, as well the site for hands-on training covering product installation, use and programming, as well as training for distributors. HEIDENHAIN satellite sales and service offices are located across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.


Product Categories of HEIDENHAIN Corporation

  • Calibration Equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Digital Readout (DRO) Units
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Interferometers
  • Laser Measurement Systems
  • Linear Scales
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services

Trade Names

  • Acu-Rite
  • Certo
  • Double Ball Bar
  • EnDat
  • EnDat 2.2
  • Evaluation Software
  • Grid Plate
  • KGM
  • LIDA
  • Manual Plus M
  • Metro
  • Positip
  • RSF
  • Specto
  • TNC


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Product Announcements Provided By HEIDENHAIN Corporation

HEIDENHAIN Introduces Innovative TNC 620 Contouring Control

HEIDENHAIN Now Offers One of the Most Accurate 3-D Machine Tool Touch Probes in the Market Today

HEIDENHAIN Offers 3-D Touch Probes for Use on 3rd Party Controls

The Flexible New MANUALplus 620 Contouring Control for CNC and Cycle Lathes from HEIDENHAIN

As seen in MMS

Angle Encoders Integrate Safety Components
Heidenhain offers a version of its RCN series absolute angle encoders with built-in functional safety components that enable machine shut-off in case of a malfunction.

Rotary Encoder Provides Diagnostics
Available from Heidenhain, Leine & Linde’s Model 862 rotary encoder with Profibus DP supports condition monitoring systems for use in the steel, wind power and other industries.

Straight-Cut Control for Milling, Drilling, Boring
Heidenhain’s TNC 128 straight-cut CNC is designed for use with milling, drilling and boring machines.

Magnetic Encoder Suitable for Harsh Environments
Using a smaller positioning error within each signal, Heidenhain’s ERM 2200 magnetic rotary encoder series with a 200-micrometer signal period, is designed to meet finer accuracy requirements on machine tools.

3D Profiling Software Option for Parts Measurement
Heidenhain’s IK 5000 Quadra-Chek PC-based inspection software and hardware system offers a new 3D profiling capability, enabling users to quickly measure and determine part profiles within desired tolerance zones.

Verification Tool Increases Machine Accuracy
Heidenhain’s KGM 282 verification tool helps users pinpoint problems in machine tool dynamics to increase accuracy.

High-Accuracy Length Gage for Harsh Environments
Heidenhain’s Acanto 30xx high-accuracy length gage features a 30-mm measuring stroke, making it suitable for measuring objects of multiple sizes or for applications requiring a long travel.

Metrology Software Eases 2D, 3D Measuring
Heidenhain’s PC-based Quadra-Chek IK 5000 version 3.0.0 metrology software is designed to enable more convenient 2D and 3D measuring tasks.

Encoder Interface Box Increases Controls Compatibility
Heidenhain’s EIB 2391S encoder interface box is designed to increase encoder compatibility with Siemens controls.

Touch Probes Use Both Radio and Infrared Signals
Two touch probes from Heidenhain employ what the company describes as hybrid technology, using both radio and infrared signal transmission.

Metrology DRO for Manual Measurement Systems
The ND 120 Quadra-Chek metrology digital readout (DRO) from Heidenhain is designed for manual measuring machines such as optical comparators and measuring microscopes.

Linear Scale for Long Machine Tool Axes
Heidenhain’s LC 200 linear scale is designed for linear measurement on machine tool axes ranging to 28 m (almost 92 ft.), and it can be used with linear motors.

DROs Feature New LED Screens
Heidenhain has upgraded its line of metrology digital readouts (DROs) to include LED screens.

Machining Center Control Offers Optional Turning Functions
Minimizing setup time by combining machining operations is a priority for many manufacturers, and the technology to achieve this is part of what they’re looking for at the show. Heidenhain says one of the keys to this is the CNC.

TNC Control Can Perform Multi-Operation Machining
The TNC 640 control is Heidenhain’s first milling control is offered with optional turning, enabling it to perform multi-operation machining.

Metrology Software Increases Measuring Machines Functionality
Heidenhain’s Quadra-Chek metrology software is designed to provide advanced functionality for inspection measurement machines.

CNC Mill Control Features Touch-Screen Interface
The Acu-Rite 3500i CNC control from Heidenhain features a touchscreen operator interface designed to optimize program navigation, editing, creation and verification.

Heidenhain Launches CNC Machining Magazine
Heiedenhain (Schaumburg, Illinois), a manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment, announces the official North American introduction of Klartext – News from the World of Heidenhain Controls, a magazine focused on CNC control issues relevant to today’s shop owners, managers and machinists.  Already well-established in Europe, Klartext (meaning “clear text”) will cover topics including industry focuses on the medical, automotive and aerospace markets; features on machine optimization/compensation, five-axis machining and high speed machining; and relevant case histories; among others.  The publication is now available free to Norht American businesses.

A Model Machine for Titanium
Researchers develop a machine tool that controls vibration to mill titanium more productively. The machine relies on guideway systems delivering stiffness that is literally infinite.

No-Drift, Absolute Gaging Package
Heidenhain has coupled its new Acanto absolute length gage with its ND 2100G Gage-Chek metrology readouts to create a package for fixed gaging applications.