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World Wide Machine Tool Protection

Hennig Cast Iron CDF Filtration
Hennig Cast Iron CDF Filtration

NEW! Hennig CI CDF With the introduction of the Hennig Cast-Iron CDF Filtration System, users now can apply a proven, self-cleaning, permanent-media filtration technology to their cast-iron machining operations to eliminate even large volumes of cast-iron chips and fines from re-circulating coolant without the use of disposable filter media.

Hennig Telescopic Steel Cover
Hennig Telescopic Steel Cover

Hennig Telescopic Steel Covers For 50 years, Hennig has designed and manufactured all kinds of telescopic steel covers for the protection of machine way surfaces, ball screws, servo motors, glass scales and other sensitive machine parts. More than a million telescopic steel covers have been produced to meet the requirements of a variety of machine tool designs. Our covers are made from rolled high-grade sheet steel (or stainless steel upon request) at 1.5 mm to 3 mm thick.

Hennig Heat-Sealed Bellows
Hennig Heat-Sealed Bellows

Hennig Bellows At Hennig, we have designed and manufactured everything from simple dust protection and material handling bellows to sophisticated extension systems, lamella systems, and specially designed bellows for laser machines and other applications. Hennig bellows are made from the highest quality materials.

  • Heat Sealed Bellows
  • Lamella Bellows
  • Special Designs

Product Categories of Hennig, Inc.

  • Chip & Sludge Dragouts
  • Chip Conveyors & Handling Equipment
  • Conveyors & Other Part Handling Automation
  • Coolant Delivery Systems
  • Coolant Reclamation Equipment
  • Electrical Switchgear, Enclosures & Components
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Protective Enclosures & Covers
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Springs
  • Way Covers, Way Protectors & Seals

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Telescopic Covers For 50 years, Hennig has designed and manufactured all kinds of telescopic steel covers for the protection of slideways. Hennig telescopic steel covers guarantee: * Convincing technical solutions * Functional reliability * Durability * Tight fit * Increased protection against corrosion * Tested standard components * High-grade steel sheet * Long-term supply of spare parts

HEAT-SEALED BELLOWS Hennig offers a variety of stitched and heat sealed bellows designed to your specific machine protection requirements. This includes bellows for most types of linear guides and Bridgeport knee mills.

FLEX PROTECT-SYSTEM Hennig manufactures all kinds of telescopic steel covers for machine way protection. Hennig telescopic steel covers represent high design and development level, quality, operating safety and service life. Being suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, they are available in almost every size. Use: Protection against damage and contamination of machine ways, spindles, shafts, columns and other sensitive machine parts.

MACHINE ENCLOSURES Hennig designs and manufactures all types of enclosure systems for machine tools. Hennig enclosures are designed to protect operators from potential harm and to protect costly machinery from the environment.

WIPER SYSTEMS Hennig manufactures a diverse line of way wipers to suit the needs of any application. Even after extensive exposure to hot chips and heavy chip volumes, Hennig was wipers have proven themselves to be more reliable, durable and easier to maintain than any on the market. Standard lengths are available for in-the-shop profiling to meet immediate needs. To guarantee excellent wiper performance, factory-profiling is recommended and is available to customers at a very low cost.

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Range of Chip Conveyors Protects Machines
Hennig offers a selection of chip conveyors designed to protect machines, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance, including 1.5"-pitch chip conveyors and heavy-duty 2.5"-pitch chip conveyors, in hinge-, scraper- and magnetic-type variations.

Case Study: Chip Conveyor System Saves Floor Space
Hennig explains how its CDF system is used to remove a variety of chips and save space for Advanced Machine and Engineering in this short video case study.

Case Study: Chip Conveyors Keep Production Running Efficiently
Hennig chip conveyors on Niigata machining centers maintain efficiencies and production on ductile iron castings used in heavy truck and military drive train projects at this Michigan shop.

Range of Machine Protection Components on Display
Hennig will be exhibiting its complete range of machine protection components at the show.

Customizable Pitch Steel Belt Conveyor
Hennig’s 2 1/2" pitch steel belt conveyor can be customized for applications in which a standard 1 1/2" pitch belt is not effective.

Telescoping Covers Protect HMC X-Y Axes
Hennig’s vertical-wall telescoping steel covers are said to deliver full protection for the X and Y axes on horizontal machining centers.

Transport Mechanism for Large Telescopic Steel Covers
To enable high feed rates and high accelerations on big machines, the company’s transport mechanism for large telescopic steel covers enables speeds between 62 and 98 fpm.

Mobile Chip Conveyor For Auger Chip Processing
The company’s mobile chip conveyor allows shops with auger chip processing machine tools to use large chip bins or 55-gallon drums instead of small chip cans. This unit can be rolled around the shop to assist with higher-production auger fed chip loads. It uses standard 110-volt power and has an efficient variable-speed drive.

Complete XYZ Machine Protection
The company provides a wide range of complete XYZ units that can be combined as needed and adapted to the customer’s requirements in regards to technical specifications, load, use, visual effect and economic efficiency. The units can be equipped with steel or aluminum aprons, lamella bellows or flex-protect systems

Effective Filtration Adds Machining Hours
Sussek Machine says its expertise extends beyond what one might expect of a traditional job shop. Off-highway equipment OEMs comprise a large portion of the shop’s clientele, as the company machines steering arms, knuckles, shifter forks and other cast iron components.

Lift Table Enclosures