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Company Profile

Henning Industrial Software, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Billie and Richard G. Henning after they recognized the need for practical and affordable manufacturing software by small to medium job shops. Billie's strong manufacturing background combined with Rich Henning's strong computer software development background created a perfect match for creating their software line, Visual EstiTrack? . Their initial target market and product release was directed at the screw machine industry due to Billie's screw machine shop background. Visual EstiTrack has since matured to support many other types of industries such as powdered metal, glass, tool & die, fabricating, etc. Rich spent his formative years developing software and providing long-range information systems planning for Ernst & Young (accounting firm), and the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This was all during the time that personal computers were just beginning to change the ways in which people do business. He was there in the old days when mainframes were "in", and participated in the client/server revolution. Henning Software has grown from a one-user DOS program, to a multi-user, objected-oriented Windows® environment, capable of supporting multiple workstations in large manufacturing facilities. Henning Software provides high quality software development services to a wide variety of small and large corporations. As an applications development and information system consulting company with every developer exceeding 25 years of experience, we have created custom solutions using the most advanced and current applications development technology. The company's experience spans many different markets, including the development of large-scale applications and products for the manufacturing, healthcare, financial and funeral home industries. If our off-the-shelf solutions don't meet your every need, our analysts and programmers will be happy to create customized solutions that fulfill your specific needs. All of our applications are characterized by user-friendly screens and focus on efficiency to make the systems serve you, make your job easier and your day more productive. The bottom line is to enable you to use your new system as a competitive advantage over your competition.

Product Categories of Henning Industrial Software, Inc.

  • ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
  • ERP for Standard Products Manufacturing
  • Job Estimating Software
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, Accounting/General Ledger/Payroll
  • Software, Other Manufacturing

Trade Names

  • iVET Mobile App
  • Shop Advisor/Executive Summary
  • Visual Books Accounting
  • Visual EstiTrack
  • Visual EstiTrack Shop Kiosk System
  • Visual WebTrack
  • VisualEstiTrack Executive Dashboard

Deep Links

Visual EstiTrack Overview - Features - Screen Shots Discover how easy shop management software can be with the latest version of Visual EstiTrack ERP shop management software.

Visual EstiTrack Self-guided Quick Tour To take a self-paced, self-guided Online Quick Tour of Visual EstiTrack and Visual Books, please complete the following form and press the "Take the Tour " button. This will take you to the Online Quick Tour, a series of Flash movies which review key features and benefits.

As seen in MMS

Touchscreen Scheduling Eases Burden of Change Orders
Littlestar Plastics had to change its magnetic scheduling boards multiple times per day, so it switched to Henning's Touch Scheduling Board for flexible, instantaneous scheduling.

Scheduling with Digital Job Cards Replaces Magnetic Boards
Henning Industrial Software demonstrates an add-on to its Visual EstiTrack ERP, the Touch Scheduling Board application.

Scheduling Board Uses Touchscreen Interface
Henning Software’s Touch Scheduling Board software system uses a touchscreen interface that enables users to drag and drop scheduled shop order operations represented as cards within and between work centers.

Scheduling Board Software Offers Touchscreen Interface
Henning Software’s new Visual EstiTrack Touch Scheduling Board software product incorporates a touchscreen interface that enables users to drag-and-drop scheduled shop order operations within and between work centers.

Add-On Displays ERP Content in Bulletin-Board Format
Henning Industrial Software offers its Visual EstiTrack Shop Kiosk application, an add-on to its Visual EstiTrack ERP software designed to share and distribute ERP information.

Application Designed for the Shop Floor
Henning Software’s Visual EstiTrack Shop Kiosk application is an add-on to the company’s Visual EstiTrack ERP product.

Mobile Device Application Provides Direct Access to Software
Henning Industrial Software has released a mobile device application (app) named iVET, an optional mobile add-on for the company’s Visual EstiTrack ERP product.

Mobile App Gives Users Access to ERP System
Henning Software’s iVET app is designed to give users direct mobile access to their Visual EstiTrack ERP system.

Employee Training Software
The Visual EstiTrack’s ERP employee training capabilities are designed to help users plan and prepare for training.

Updated Executive Dashboard for Industrial Software
The industrial software features Visual EstiTrack Executive Dashboard, which is an executive monitoring tool designed to provide company managers with summarized ERP data focusing on relevant key business metrics and trends in a graphical user interface.

Software Configures Product Structures
Henning Industrial Software has added product structure configuration tools to its ERP/shop management software, Visual EstiTrack. Option groups for standard assemblies can now be configured (recalculating their costs) on job estimating material worksheets as well as on sales orders.

Estimating Software Uses .NET Technology

Three Divisions Under One Shop Management Program
Instead of buying multiple software packages to perform the distinctly different functions of its three separate divisions, Mt. Vernon Machine & Tool Inc. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) selected just one package.

Wireless Technology Enhances Data Collection
Wireless devices allow shop personnel to communicate with the Internet and other computer networks without being physically attached by cables. This freedom makes shopfloor data collection more efficient.

Shop Reduces Paperwork With Shop Management Software
With two mechanical engineers, this small shop accepts not only contract jobs, but the shop will 'take anything--from an idea needing design work, to production jobs or reverse engineering from a part.

Software Brings Better Control of Manufacturing Data
Like many businesses, this fitting manufacturer eagerly embraced new computer technology as it became available. But by the mid-1990s, its eight computers ran on three separate networks, based on operating system compatibility.

Software Keeps Jobs On Track
Two employees of this aerospace shop began gathering information on shop management software systems. Their year-long search culminated in a visit to the 1998 IMTS tradeshow, where they found this software solution.

Gradual Software Implementation Allows Users To Find Comfort Zone
Big shops may have the financial resources and personnel to change the way they do business almost overnight when they make changes in their information systems. However, at this small shop, that was not the approach shop management took to automation.

Shop Management Software Allows For More Effective Operations
The management at Alger Manufacturing knew it needed a new shop management system. Even with customization, the shop management package it had been using was inadequate. The company's management team knew it would have to make some changes, including upgrades for the hardware and support software, both in the offices and on the shop floor to accommodate the new system.

CNC Shop Feels The Impact Of Shop Management Software
Littlestar Plastics, Inc. located in Machesney Park, Illinois, has been providing CNC-machined plastic components to the electrical, food processing and equipment manufacturing industries since 1992.