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A Special Message from Hermle Machine Company LLC

Two New Hermle Machining Centers Demonstrate Advanced 5-Axis Capability

Hermle Machine Company of Franklin, Wisconsin, the North American headquarters of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG located in Gosheim, Germany, has introduced two new machining centers, the B 300 and the C 50 U, to the North American market. Available in both 3- and 5-axis configurations, the B 300 has been called the ?Entry Level Hermle.? Incorporating select elements of Hermle?s popular C Series machining centers including patented gantry design for fast, precise movement, trunion table, and a mineral casting base, the B 300 was designed to offer Hermle quality at a price point accessible to a wider variety of shops and manufacturers. Machine features include X, Y and Z axes at 800-600-500 mm, respectively; a 15,000 rpm spindle powered by a 19kW drive; and a 30-position tool magazine accommodating both SK 40 and HSK A 63 tooling. Tool change is by direct pick-up, and chip-to-chip time is approximately 6 seconds. The 3-axis version features a rigid clamping table, 1000 x 560 mm, with a 1500 kg capacity. The 5-axis version utilizes an NC swiveling rotary table, 280 mm in diameter with a 250 kg maximum load. The control is a pendant mounted Heidenhain iTNC 530, and a limited range of options is available. The C 50 U, the latest and largest member of Hermle?s well-known C series, is designed for complex machining of large heavy parts. The C 50 U features X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels of 1000, 1100, and 700 mm, respectively, and can accommodate a workpiece weight of 2,000 kg. Ideal for the full simultaneous 5-axis and/or 5-sided machining of large automotive parts, aircraft components or molds, the maximum part dimension is a diameter of 1,000 mm and a height of up to 810 mm. Supporting the superior size and strength of the C 50 U are further capabilities including: ? Crane loading with door opening up to 1250 mm ? Space-saving pick-up magazine integrated into the base unit ? Three guideways with a single guideshoe for ideal force balance ? Work platforms along the entire machine front and at magazine load station. According to Kenneth Merk, Executive VP-Sales & Service, ?As the advantages of 5-axis machining have become evident, many new players have entered the market. In addition to Hermle?s proven designs and superior quality, we offer the customer extensive experience in defining and optimizing 5-axis applications in all sizes of parts and in materials ranging from glass to composite to the hardest new alloys. ?The new B 300 is an answer to market demand for Hermle quality at an affordable price that will enable a larger number of shops and manufacturers to step up to a higher standard in 5-axis machining. Likewise, the C 50 U fills a need expressed by many of our customers who have resorted to specialized fixturing arrangements in order to accommodate larger 5-axis parts. ?For over a decade, over 90% of our sales have involved 5-axis configurations. Today, our ability to offer Hermle?s experience, combined with multiple sizes and price points, is winning new customers both inside and outside of our traditional base.? For more information, please contact Kenneth Merk, Executive VP-Sales & Service, at 414-421-9770 or by e-mail at Hermle Machine Company, located in Franklin, Wisconsin, is the North American headquarters of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG located in Gosheim, Germany. The firm handles all sales support and service functions for a network of distributors located throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Hermle produces a wide range of precision machine tools noted throughout the world for their exceptional accuracy and high quality.

Company Profile

Hermle Machine Company, a subsidiary of Berthold Hermle AG, Gosheim, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of high precision machining centers. A combination of rigid construction and innovative design has made Hermle a leader in 5-axis applications including hard machining and the generation of complex parts in exotic materials.

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As seen in MMS

Pallet-Change System Meets Demand for Automation
Hermle’s PW3000 pallet-change system is designed for use with the company’s five-axis C 60 machining center.

Five-Axis Machining with a Modified Gantry Design
The Hermle C 400 five-axis machining center features a modified gantry design in which all linear-axis drives are above and outside the working area.

Machining Center Provides High Precision
The Hermle C 400 offers high-precision, five-axis machining in a compact package.

Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing Welcomes Hermle, AgieCharmilles
Hermle Machine Company (Gosheim, Germany) and GF AgieCharmilles (Lincolnshire, Illinois) have joined the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), headquartered in Prince George County, Virginia.

Hermle Joins CCAM
The machine tool builder will contribute a five-axis turn-mill and expertise to aid the organization's collaborative research efforts.

CNC Machining Center Offers Automation Capability
The CNC C 22 U dynamic high speed machining center from Hermle can be fully automated with the addition of the PW 150 pallet changer.

Lean from the Beginning
How would you design a new plant if you could begin today? Rolls-Royce Crosspointe is a major manufacturing site that was planned from the outset with the expectation that continuous improvement would always be part of its culture.

Five-Axis Capabilities in Zero Stock and Hard Machining
Hermle will demonstrate its C 42 UMT, a C-series five-axis machining center. The C 22 and C 30 will also be demonstrated at IMTS 2012.

Fully Committed to Zero Stock Machining
Milling critical mold surfaces to final size (or even a “tenth” undersize) literally leaves no margin for error. This takes absolute confidence in every aspect of the machining process, as well as absolute confidence that the results are worthwhile.

Otherworldly Precision
A contract shop produces critical parts for the Curiosity rover that will soon depart for Mars.

Road Report: Wish You Were Here—Day 2
Our editors travel the world searching out the latest manufacturing technology. Read what Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining, is learning about in Germany.

Improved Capacity on Five-Axis Machining Center
The C 42 U machining center was designed to increase capacity in the company’s machining range.

Five-Axis Machining Center Minimizes Thermal Conductivity
The C 42 U five-axis machining center is available with a mineral cast base to minimize thermal conductivity and vibration. The X, Y and Z axes are 800 × 800 × 550 mm, respectively, with rapid traverse of 60 m/min. in all axes.

Another Angle On HSM
The savings in setup time were welcome enough, but this mold maker found that a 3+2 machining center also accelerated its use of high speed machining.

Seminar Addresses Bladed Component Milling Strategies
Cutting tool manufacturer Emuge, machine tool builder Hermle, CAM software developer Concepts NREC and inspection system supplier M&H Probing Systems will jointly host a complimentary, 1-day machining seminar October 15. The event, located at Emuge’s Technology Center in West Boylston, Massachussetts, is designed to reveal new ways to boost productivity, increase metal removal rates and optimize tooling when machining impellers, blisks, rotors and other complex bladed components.

Free Seminar Explores New Machining Strategies
To help manufacturers succeed in a difficult economy, a complimentary one-day seminar will showcase new ways of integrating the latest machining products and techniques to improve productivity and product quality while reducing costs. Jointly hosted by cutting tool manufacturer Emuge, machine tool builder Hermle Machine, software developer Open Mind and metrology provider M&H Probing Systems, the event is scheduled for June 9 at Emuge’s Technology Center in West Boylston, Massachussetts. Technical representatives from each company will answer questions about products, technology and processes and how they interact to produce predictable and more efficient manufacturing cycles.

Emuge, Hermle Collaborate On Equipment Demos
Emuge (West Boylston, Massachusetts) and Hermle Machine Company (Franklin, Wisconsin) have announced a cooperative effort to streamline customer-specific demonstrations of specialized tooling capabilities. The program includes the placement of a Hermle series C 30 U five-axis machining center at the Emuge technical center in West Boylston, as well as the permanent assignment of a Hermle applications engineer to that facility. Peter Matysiak, president of Emuge, says a generic demonstration would not be sufficient to show off the capabilities of the company’s taps, milling tools and other products because they are often used in challenging applications involving advanced materials and alloys.

Replacing Turning with Grinding
This compressor maker’s custom impeller profiles used to present a sticky machining problem. Now, the parts no longer need the wax that turning used to require.

Machining Centers With Five-Axis Capabilities
The company introduces two machining centers, the B 300 and the C 50 U. Available in both three- and five-axis configurations, the B 300 incorporates select elements of the company’s C series machining centers, including gantry design for fast, precise movement; a trunnion table; and a mineral casting base. It feat


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    A maker of injection molds for high-appearance-quality parts describes the machine tool, software and strategy this shop uses to apply 3+2 machining.