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Product Categories of Hydra-Lock Corporation

  • Arbors, Expandable Workholding

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Chucks And Arbors Designed For Holding Thin-Walled Parts
The Conform-A-Chuck and Conform-A-Arbor workholding solutions are designed to adapt to an out-of-round OD or ID and securely grip that diameter to enable boring, honing, grinding or other machining operations without changing the original free-state shape of the part. These workholding solutions are suited for the machining of thin-walled parts such as automotive smog control air pump rotors, gas turbine parts, thin-wall tubing and cylinder liners for diesel engines. The Conform-A products rely upon a plastic material called Hydra-Fibre.

Hold The Tool On Target
Toolholders deliver tight concentricity - no tramming required.