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Product Categories of Igus Inc.

  • Bearings, Pulleys, Clutches, Gears & V-Belts
  • Linear Guides
  • Protective Enclosures & Covers
  • Slides

Trade Names

  • Chainflex®
  • DryLin®
  • Energy Chain®
  • iglide®
  • igubal®
  • xiros®

As seen in MMS

Hybrid Linear Bearing Combines Rolling and Sliding
The DryLin WJRM hybrid linear bearing system from Igus combines rolling and sliding motion to reduce drive force in applications involving the manual adjustment of machine guard doors, partitions and adjustable locks.

Polymer Ball Bearings
Xiros lubrication-free polymer ball bearings are designed to fill the gap where conventional ball bearing performance can be limited by parameters such as temperature, chemical or moisture exposure.

Cable Carriers Extend Service Life
Igus offers its Energy Chain cable carriers, which are designed to house, protect and extend the service life of moving cables and hoses attached to automated machinery. Cable carrier products include the fully enclosed E2/000 cable carrier range; time-saving E-Z Chains, which feature fast cable access via a split crossbar; and the low-vibration System E6, which have been tested over more than 220 million cycle strokes. Other products include System P4 Energy Chains for long travels (as much as 0.