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A Personal Presentation from Pasquale Bova, Italian Trade Commissioner in Chicago

We understand that any essential element in a company's toolbox, other than its people, is having reliable machinery enabling you to better serve your customers and to be more cost-effective while being innovative enough in terms of automation to help you overcome cost disadvantages associated with the developed world. Italian companies are advanced and disciplined, without crushing the creativity the country is famous for. In a competitive world, Italians offer versatility, design flair, attention to detail, reliable delivery and a culture of innovation. Combined with their willingness to go the extra mile to adapt to customer needs, this is something that a growing number of American companies are coming to embrace and value. Via our web sites and maintained by our Chicago Office, you will find numerous Italian Companies ready to turn such innovation into your productivity. Pasquale Bova Trade Commissioner

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Machines Italia is your personal link to the latest solutions available in Italian machinery and technology. Together with 14 leading Italian machinery manufacturers? associations, the Italian Trade Commission serves as a premier resource and contact destination both on the web and throughout the world where the needs of businesses can be best matched with Italian solution providers. If you make the purchasing decisions for your company, you have an enormous responsibility. You must know the ins and outs of production in a way no one else can - finding machines and systems solutions that are durable, serviceable, supportable and with spare parts that are readily available. You decide whether the return on investment can be ultimately realized. In short, much of your company's success depends on your purchasing choices. Italian machinery can make your decision easier. A decision to purchase Italian-made machinery, tools and manufacturing systems is one that seeks superior value for your money. Italians make machines that administer to your most challenging and specific production needs. From re-tooling existing concepts to creating entirely new systems not yet imagined, the world's most highly skilled engineers, designers and manufacturers always turn innovation into productivity.

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