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Fax: 866-928-4391

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2265 Livernois
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Product Categories of JM Sales-USA

  • Gages - Mechanical
  • Taps
  • Thread Chasers
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Thread Rolling Attachments
  • Thread Rolls & Dies
  • Threading Tools

Trade Names

  • BGF-Drill Threadmills
  • BGFS Drill Threadmills for Steel
  • eMultiCheck-Powered Thread Gauge
  • GF
  • GFA Solid Carbide Shell Threadmill
  • GFG-WFE Indexable Shell Threadmilling Cutter
  • GFM
  • GFS Threadmill and Chamfer
  • GFW-Q Indexable Threadmill
  • Hahnreiter TAPS

As seen in MMS

Milling Cutter Features Multiple Cutting Edges
The GFG-WFE shell-type thread milling cutter from JBO is suited for difficult-to-machine materials and large-batch production applications. Higher cutting speeds and feeds shorten machining time, while the number of cutting edges increases tool life.