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J&M - Quality Products Made In The USA!

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Spade Drill Holders
Spade Drill Holders
  • The Surviver - is made in the USA.
  • The Surviver - Outlasts the competition.
  • Spade Drill Inserts last longer in The Surviver.
  • Hold closer hold tolerences with The Surviver.
  • Better finishes in holes with The Surviver.
  • Save set-up time with The Surviver.
  • The Surviver material and hardness is engineered for long life.
  • The Surviver spade drill holders are on center within .0005 T.I.R.
  • Can eliminate reaming or boring operations with The Surviver.
  • Company Profile


    Since its founding in 1966, J&M has been known for consistent quality and attention to detail. By manufacturing to tighter tolerances than required by the customer, we set our own quality standards to exceed customer expectations. When purchasing retention knobs (pull studs / retention studs), spade drill toolholders, spade drill tips or retention knob sockets from us, you will be buying quality.

    Our 98% acceptance rate in quality and delivery is exhibited by multiple awards and recognitions by our customers as star supplier and preferred vendor.

    Parts manufactured at our facility include those used in aircraft, torpedoes, fuel pumps, and smoldering guns to burner systems. We also manufacture such items as retention knobs (pull studs / retention studs), specialized washers, brake parts for aircraft, navy nuclear, and assemblies for the machine tool industry. Read more about our products.

    Product Categories of JM Performance Products, Inc.

    • Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
    • Gages, Electronic/Digital
    • Milling Machines, Universal
    • Retention Knobs
    • Toolholders & Adapters
    • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

    Trade Names

    • ClampForce Drawbar Gage
    • High Torque Retention Knob
    • Taper Shank Test Fixture

    As seen in MMS

    Retention Knobs Prevent Toolholder Distortion
    Manufactured from 9310 steel, JM Performance Products’ high-torque, high-strength knobs are said to be 40-percent stronger than standard knobs.

    High-Torque Retention Knobs Constructed of High-Strength Steel
    JM Performance Products offers high-torque retention knobs in high-strength 9310 steel. 

    High-Torque Retention Knobs for CNC Milling Applications
    J&M Machine will feature its High Strength series of high-torque retention knobs made from H-13 steel.

    The Knob Problem
    The retention knob is an unmistakably critical component of the machining process. However, the tightening of the knob itself can lead to the toolholder not seating securely in the machine. You may be losing tool life to knob tightness without even knowing it.