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Product Categories of Exact JobBOSS

  • ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
  • ERP for Standard Products Manufacturing
  • Job Estimating Software
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software

Trade Names

  • Data Collection
  • Exact JobBOSS
  • Exact North America
  • Exact Software
  • JobBOSS
  • JobBOSS Accounting
  • JobBOSS BOM Import
  • JobbOSS ERP Software
  • JobBOSS Job Control
  • JobbOSS Job Shop Software
  • JobBOSS Manufacturing Software
  • JobBOSS Payroll
  • JobBOSS Shop Management Software
  • MQ1 Quality Management
  • Real-Time Data Collection
  • Sales Order Processing
  • ShopAlerts
  • ShopBOSS Scheduler
  • ShopStats
  • Synergy CRM and Workflow
  • Workflow
  • Workflow Management

As seen in MMS

ERP Systems Offered
Exact JobBoss offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems intended for small and medium manufacturers.

Optimizing the Production Path
New scheduling and resource allocation gives this gear manufacturer the flexibility to cut down on shop floor backlogs and bottlenecks.

ERP Software Available Via Subscription
Exact JobBoss ERP software is now available with subscription access and pricing, providing a cost-effective means for small- to mid-sized manufacturers to acquire enterprise-scale manufacturing ERP software.

Cloud Solution Features 24/7 Access for Increased On-Time Delivery
Exact will introduce Exact Online JobBoss, a multi-tenant cloud solution designed to improve visibility and user control of manufacturing processes, job costs and profitability.

Shopfloor Management Software Introduces Mobile Access
JobBoss version 11.7 includes the release of the JobBoss mobile app.

Automation at Aztalan Engineering
A contract manufacturer expands its capacity using various approaches to feeding the machines.

Software Implementation Program Launched
The program will help companies integrate the JobBoss software program.

Moving in with a Customer
Shop owner Chris Nachtmann has established a close relationship with one of his biggest customers. In fact, he moved his operation inside that customer’s facility a couple years ago. Now, he’s making greater strides to invest in and grow his business.

Know How Much Quality is Costing You
In a way, quality is less valuable than you think. It’s also more expensive than you think.

Managing a Comprehensive Total Quality Management System for a 21st Job Shop
In this free webinar on September 29, learn how small and mid-sized shops have implemented quality management systems that saved the companies money.

Contract Manufacturing Software Offered in Multiple Tiers
The company’s manufacturing software for job shops and contract manufacturers is offered in three distinct packages allowing companies to select the offering that best fits their business needs.

Exact Launches ERP Software Rental Program
Exact Software, a Middleton, Massachusetts-based provider of business and manufacturing management solutions, offeres a rental program that provides contract manufacturers with full JobBoss shop management and control functionality for a monthly fee. The rental plan is designed for companies that need shop management software but have not yet justified the cost of purchasing a full-featured system.

Organizing And Simplifying Customer Relationships
 Exact Software’s JobBoss CRM is said to help organize and simplify the process of maintaining customer relationships. The company says the manufacturing software provides critical tools within key business functions to manage customer interaction.

Software Tools For Busy Manufacturers
JobBoss CRM is the ideal tool for the busy manufacturer because it organizes and simplifies the process of maintaining customer relationships, the company says. It provides critical tools within key JobBoss business functions to manage customer interaction. According to the company, software benefits include easy identification and activity monitoring of top customers, insight into quote probability for the next quarter and improved customer service with immediate responses to phone inquiries.

Software Provides Accurate Data Commitments On Quotes
Exact Software’s JobBoss 11 combines traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) with related software solutions for human resource management (HRM) as well as production and workflow management. The company says the software enables manufacturers to meet tight, ever-changing deadlines. The ability to more accurately schedule and reschedule jobs, as well as reallocate resources and workcenters, allows organization to fulfill delivery promises as quoted, the company says.

Sharing The Big Picture
The theme of visibility in manufacturing finds expression in numerous ways at this shop. One of the most conspicuous is the use of plasma displays in strategic areas to summarize the company’s performance as reported by its shop control/data-collection system.

Finite And Infinite Scheduling Software
JobBoss 11 finite and infinite scheduling software allows users complete scheduling control, the company says. The software is said to provide job shops and contract/make-to-order manufacturers with flexible capacity, short-term and long-term planning, “big picture” snapshots, material availability, human system ov

Upgraded ERP Package Offers Connectivity
Exact Software North America offers the Exact Macola ES v9.5, a technology-upgraded edition of its ERP software that runs with Microsoft Windows Vista and SQL Server 2005. The software solution delivers integrated business process management and business intelligence capabilities in addition to core ERP applications.

Updated Manufacturing Software Increases Job Shop Productivity

Reduced Login Time, Auto-Fill Functions Increase Productivity