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Band Saw Delivers Repeatable, Precise Cuts
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s H350M manual band saw features a fully automatic sawing action.

Semi-Automatic Band Saw Speeds Production Sawing
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s Model KS600 semi-automatic band saw is designed for production sawing of solids and structural shapes ranging to 20" at 90 degrees in full-cycle, semi-automatic operation, and offers double mitering to 60 degrees either left or right.

Manual Band Saw's Carbide Guides Promote Cut Accuracy
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s Model H275 manual band saw is said to accurately cut tubes, pipes, light structural shapes and small solids ranging to 10" at 90 degrees.

Semi-Automatic Band Saw for Heavy-Duty Production
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s KS450 model semi-automatic band saw is designed for heavy-duty production sawing with a freestanding operator console.

Vertical Column Cold Saws Promote Stability
The Kalamazoo Machine Tool C316 & C370 series cold saws feature a vertical column design that provides stable saw frame guidance and reduced vibration during sawing.

Automatic Saw Design Increases Production Rates
The automatic, high-speed, circular model CT 350 A-NC saw from Kalamazoo Machine Tool is designed for high production rates with aluminum extrusions.

Band Saw Accurately Miters Up to 60 Degrees to Right
The Kalamazoo Machine Tool model H235 manual band saw can accurately miter up to 60 degrees to the right while maintaining the material precisely in-line, the company says.

Vertical Column Cold Saw Designed For High-Volume Work
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s C320SA semi-automatic vertical column cold saw is designed for production sawing of tubes, profiles and small solids.

Band Saw Suited for Demanding Environments
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s H6 SA band saw is designed for high-precision sawing in demanding production environments.

Bandsaw Offers Full NC Capability
Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s XT320 A-NC double-column bandsaw features fully automated controls for efficient operation.

Double-Column Mitering Band Saws
Kalamazoo Machine offers the model H6A-NC and model H6 SA double-column mitering band saws for demanding production environments.

Small Utility Saw Suitable For Tough Applications

Cold Saw