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Separators Keep Coolant & Oil Clean!

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Product Announcements Provided By Keller Products, Inc.

In-Sump Magnetic Separators Clean Coolant

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In-Sump Magnetic Separator Reduces Solids Load
Keller Products offers an in-sump magnetic separator featuring newly designed magnetic rod assemblies.

In-Line Magnetic Separators for Coolants and Cutting Oils
Keller Products’ magnetic separators for machine tool coolants and cutting oils feature a magnetic rod assembly that fits standard 10" cartridge filter housings.

Pump/Skimmer Removes Dye Penetrant from Rinse Water
Keller Product’s pump/skimmer removes dye penetrant from rinse water.

Coolant Filtration Yields Significant Savings
While many shop managers intuitively understand the importance of properly maintaining coolant, it's likely that few have calculated the actual cost savings of doing so. Keller Products says the 80-percent savings realized by one customer after installing pump/skimmer units is typical.

High-Capacity Bag Filters
To prevent deterioration in cutting fluid chiller performance, Keller Products features a line of bag filters that removes virtually all particles as fine as 1 µm from the fluid before it enters the chiller. The bag filters, rated for flows ranging from 30 to 160 gpm, have ¾" or 1 ½" NPT inlet and outlet fittings. The filter bags, available with retention efficiencies from 1 to 100 µm, have high solids holding capacity and are easily changed in a few minutes without tools, the company says.

Coolant-Cleaning Device Slashes Downtime
Founded in 1975, Stanfordville Machine supplies precision parts to the semiconductor, medical, aerospace and electronics industries. Running a busy shop with 24 machines, Stanfordville management continuously invests in new machines to stay abreast of the latest available technology and ensure just-in-time deli

Coolant Filters Prevent Delivery-Line Plugging

Mounted Pump/Skimmer Unit Saves Floor Space

Separator Solves Tramp Oil Dilemma
Debco Machine, Inc. (Natick, Massachusetts), a job shop specializing in precision components from aluminum, plastics and stainless steel, was faced with what it characterized as a particularly demanding requirement for tramp oil removal from the sump of a Matsuura 510 vertical machining center, a machine that is in nearly constant use. About 1 gallon per day of tramp oil enters the 100-gallon coolant sump of this machine.

Maximize Screw Machine Productivity

Permanent Filters Have Cleanable Filter Elements

Clean Sumps With Drum Head-Wet/Dry Vacuum Combination

Cleaning Units Help Valve Manufacturer Improve Productivity
This company manufactures high-pressure globe valves, which are mainly used in the power generating industry.

Pump and Filter Unit

Portable Pump/Filter Unit

A Separator Solves The Tramp Oil Problem
With their strong attention to routine housekeeping, it's not surprising that this shop carefully researched all methods for removing tramp oil from coolant in machine sumps. If tramp oil is allowed to build up in the coolant, the resulting shop odor, smoke generation and unpleasant conditions for the operators will quickly undermine all efforts to keep a clean shop and maintain an optimum working environment.