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Company Profile

KME CNC prides itself in designing and manufacturing American-made 5 axis systems.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

KME CNC trunnion

Compact, Wireless Trunnion Tables Fit Virtually Any Machine
KME CNC’s compact, wireless five-axis trunnions are said to enable integration on virtually any machine, as the lack of cables frees them up from size restrictions.

fifth-axis tombstone technology

Shop Favors Different Flavor of Five-Axis Technology
Campbell Engineering benefits from a new twist on the tombstone workholding concept, which enables one of its HMCs to perform 3+2 machining to reduce scrap while supporting the higher-volume needs of its medical customers.

KME CNC five-axis trunnion

Smaller Trunnion Fits Variety of Machines
KME CNC’s five-axis trunnion is designed to be integrated with existing equipment without size restrictions.

KME CNC five-axis tombstone

Tombstone Enables Wireless Five-Axis Machining
KME CNC’s five-axis tombstone configuration uses an address-based system with a router and receiver connection platform to enable wireless operation.

KME CNC five-axis trunnion table

Five-Axis Trunnion Table Installs into Existing Equipment
KME CNC offers a five-axis trunnion table that it says can be installed on existing equipment, typically without upgrades.

KME CNC five-axis tombstone

Five-Axis Tombstone for HMCs Limits Backlash
KME CNC’s standard five-axis tombstone for horizontal machining centers is equipped with four platters and can be customized to include as many as 12 platters.

Video: Fifth-Axis Tombstone Workholding Solution
Watch an HMC perform five-axis machining using a tombstone that has multiple indexers installed.

KME CNC fifth-axis trunnion

Fifth-Axis Trunnion Converts Three-Axis VMCs to Five-Axis
KME CNC offers a fifth-axis trunnion to complement the Multi-5 Axis tombstone.

Product from a Problem
Sometimes machine shops that develop a neat solution for their own machining challenge decide to turn it into a product line. KME CNC is such an operation.

Product from a Problem
Learn how the challenge of holding tight tolerances for RC helicopter engine components drove this company to develop an innovative fifth-axis tombstone device.

Small Engine Precision Fuels Fifth-Axis Production Workholding Concept
The challenge holding tight tolerances for its billet RC helicopter engine components drove this company to develop an innovative fifth-axis tombstone device to complete multiple parts on an HMC in one setup.

Product Categories of KMECNC

Fixturing Systems
Indexers & Rotary Tables
Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Robot Tooling/Grippers
Robots, Industrial
Workholding, Custom