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Knight Carbide Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Knight Carbide, a leading manufacturer of precision-ground, carbide inserts, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012. Knight is a second-generation family owned manufacturer serving a diverse network of customers across the United States. Knight Carbide is headquartered in Chesterfield, MI.

Knight Carbide consistently strives to support and satisfy customer application requirements with the most comprehensive and technically advanced cutting tool solutions. Knight succeeds in achieving excellence in manufacturing and start-to-finish customer service through competitive pricing and cooperative relationships with distributors, toolmakers, and end-users.

As Knight Carbide celebrates its 40th anniversary and continues its forward momentum for growth and increased versatility, our ultimate goal will always be to serve customers with high-quality, cost efficient solutions for achieving greater productivity, accuracy and repeatability.


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Company Profile

Knight Carbide is a leading manufacturer of precision-ground carbide inserts, indexable inserts and carbide cutting tools setting industry standards for part quality, repeatability, production versatility and customer service. Founded in 1972, Knight is a second generation carbide insert manufacturer headquartered in Chesterfield Twp., MI and is ISO 9001: 2000 Certified.

Knight responds to on-going changes in the cutting tool industry serving as the industry’s one-stop supplier of high-quality carbide cutting tool inserts. From standard products to hard-to-find and single application tooling, Knight applies manufacturing versatility to fulfill blueprint specials as well as a wide variety of standard applications through our comprehensive catalogue of products that include, spade cutting drill inserts, threading inserts, carbide form tools, milling inserts and turning inserts.

Knight Carbide has earned a reputation for investing in its people and technology to produce world-class carbide inserts. Knight’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction will consistently prove our ability to serve customers with the superior quality, competitive pricing and fast turnaround we’ve provided since 1972.

Product Categories of Knight Carbide

  • Form Tools
  • Gear Cutting Tools
  • Grooving Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Thread Chasers
  • Tool Blanks
  • Tooling Materials, Carbides

Deep Links

Knight Carbide Milling

Knight Carbide can control the size of milling inserts to +/- .0002”—allowing cutters to run smoother and more efficiently. We grind carbide inserts to fit diverse manufacturing styles which include: negative, positive, negative-positive, on-edge and form generating. To further optimize your milling operations, Knight can alter geometries, grades and coatings to your specifications.

Knight Carbide Threading & Grooving

Knight Carbide fabricates threading & grooving inserts to fit a wide variety of threading grooving systems, as well as specialty inserts where multiple grooves can be fashioned with a form tool. Semi finished blanks are stocked for quick delivery for both on-edge and Top Notch® inserts. Knight also provides cost-effective solutions for special groove widths, radii, back chamfering and other features.

Knight Carbide Turning & Boring

Knight Carbide produces a variety of precision ground turning & boring inserts available in industry standards and special radii. We also fabricate many micro IC inserts and round single point stick tools for boring.

Knight Carbide Form Tools

Knight Carbide’s form tools provide accuracy and repeatability for blueprint applications. Our form tools can increase productivity by combining grooving and profiling into one operation.