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Kurt Is Your One Stop Advanced Technology Solutions Provider.

Kurt provides a full line of innovative products including: Vises, 5 Axis Schenke Clamping System, Workholding Systems, ToolBlox, Custom Workholding Systems, Fixtures, Zero-Point Workholding, Custom Gaging Systems, Precision Measuring Systems, Accessories. Kurt’s high production workholding systems will help you take full advantage of the latest HMC and VMC machine tools. Kurt’s workholding products are the manufactured with the most durable materials and provide the highest precision in the industry. Built to last a lifetime, these workholding systems are made of tough 80,000 ductile iron for strength and durability and backed by a “Iron Clad” Lifetime warranty. For very specialized projects, Kurt provides complete custom workholding/fixtures and engineering design teams with experience and creativity to solve state-of-the-art manufacturing requirements. An extensive network of knowledgeable local dealers brings these products and services to you. Search for a dealer near you. Plus, check out Custom Gaging systems and SPC software solutions.

Product Categories of Kurt Manufacturing Co.

  • Angle & Sub Plates
  • Chucks, Jaw Type
  • Clamps & Fixturing Devices
  • Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
  • Fixturing Systems
  • Gages, Electronic/Digital
  • Gages, Mechanical
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
  • Robots, Industrial
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
  • Vises & Vise Jaws
  • Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

  • AngLock
  • CarvLock
  • ClusterTower
  • DockLock
  • DoubleLock
  • Groove Lock
  • Hd & HDL Anglock Vises
  • InnerLock
  • MiniLock
  • MoveLock
  • SeraLock
  • ToolBlox
  • Versatile Lock


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Pull-Type Vise Minimizes Jaw Deflection
Kurt Workholding’s HD690 pull-type vise features a 9" jaw opening for clamping larger workpieces with minimal stationary jaw deflection.

Hydraulic Clamping Systems for High-Production Machining
Kurt’s hydraulic clamping systems are designed for faster, more accurate workpiece clamping.

Five-Axis Workholding Options Accommodate Range of Workpieces
Kurt offers a selection of vise configurations and options designed for five-axis machining in industries such as medical, oilfield, aerospace, and mold and die.

Vise Enables Second Operation Machining
Kurt’s SideWinder vise mounts to the back of the company’s industry-standard 6" vises to provide vertical workholding for second-operation machining in a single setup. Vise Enables Second Operation Machining

Vise Line Reduces Stress Under Load
Kurt’s pull-type HD690 vise line is available in standard and reverse jaw models, and in manual and hydraulic versions.

Workholding System Reduces Setup Time
Kurt’s DockLock zero-point workholding system is designed for quick alignment and setup of parts on horizontal and vertical machining centers.

Flexible Fixturing Furnishes Faster Setups
Replacing dedicated fixtures with a system incorporating custom jaws from Kurt Manufacturing has reduced setup time and freed capacity at this manufacturer of hydraulic snowplow equipment.

Kurt Donates Vises to “Workshops for Warriors”
The program provides machining training to veterans.

Precision Vise for Small Machining Centers
The Model 3400V Versatile Lock vise from Kurt is an ultra-precise 4" vise with a 6" jaw opening for small machining centers.

Hydraulic Pump for Vises, Cluster Towers, Swing Clamps
The 5,000-psi air hydraulic pump from Kurt Workholding is designed to provide constant hydraulic pressure for precision clamping applications.

2D and 3D Viewing and Downloads Available on Kurt Workholding's Website
Kurt Workholding has enhanced its website,, so users can download 2D drawings and 3D modules of its precision vises.

Five-Axis Vise for Close-Tolerance Repeatability
Kurt's MaxLock vise is designed to hold parts with maximum rigidity for close-tolerance repeatability in all axes.

Targeted Five-Axis Machining
Focusing on a particular part size range allows this shop to use a versatile type of five-axis machine tool. Five-axis machining now makes up 40 percent of the shop’s business.

U.S.-Manufactured Vises Marketed in China
Kurt Manufacturing Company, Industrial Products Division has announced that will expand U.S.-based production of precision Anglock vises for marketing in China.

Workholding Tools Enable Faster Job Change-Overs
Kurt’s HD and HDL vises and towers are designed for faster setups, larger workholding capacity, and greater flexibility and precision to handle a variety of part configurations.

Automated Production on HMCs Requires Automated Gaging
An innovative approach to automated gaging helps deal with a fundamental challenge inherent to a flexible, multi-machine environment: Many machines with many operations multiply the chances for error.

Locating/Mounting System Eases Component Changes
Kurt’s PinLock system is designed to ease attachment and removal of fixtures, subplates and vises from machining centers.

Get That Part off the Table
Vertical machining centers with simultaneous five-axis machining capability have become popular in recent years.

Vise Rigidity Boosts Robot Cell Output
To automate the fixturing of round machining center components, Haas uses a custom, robot-tended setup incorporating MoveLock vises from Kurt manufacturing. Thanks to these vises’ rigidity, the machine tool builder has doubled the output of its robot cells compared to previous setups.

Small Part Precision Clamping
The Kurt MiniLock is a small, screw-down clamp that operates similarly to a precision vise.