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Kurt Is Your One Stop Advanced Technology Solutions Provider.

Kurt provides a full line of innovative products including: Vises, 5 Axis Schenke Clamping System, Workholding Systems, ToolBlox, Custom Workholding Systems, Fixtures, Zero-Point Workholding, Custom Gaging Systems, Precision Measuring Systems, Accessories.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Kurt DX6 CrossOver

Vises Designed for Precision CNC Production to Toolroom Applications
Westec 2017: Kurt will show its lineup of vises for five-axis, high-precision production machining, including its DX6 CrossOver vise.

Kurt Workholding CarvLock

Hydraulic Workholding Towers Offer as Many as 12 Clamping Stations
Kurt Workholding offers a complete line of high-density CarvLock workholding towers for precision machining with eight or 12 clamping stations in both manual and hydraulic models.

Kurt MaxLock HP

Self-Centering Vises Resist Jaw Deflection, Part Lift
Kurt’s MaxLock HP series of self-centering vises are designed for maximum five-axis workholding rigidity.

Kurt DoveLock

Dovetail Vises Provide Five-Sided Access to Workpiece
Kurt’s new DoveLock dovetail vises are designed for high clamping strength and five-sided access to the workpiece in five-axis, four-axis and palletized CNC machining systems.

Kurt Cluster Tower vise with DoveLock jaws

New Workholding Setup Enable Lights-Out Production
For Idex Health and Science, manufacturing glass components was time-consuming on a VMC. Switching to an HMC with a Cluster Tower vise with DoveLock jaws from Kurt Manufacturing enabled more stable, lights-out machining.

Kurt DX6 CrossOver

Vise Achieves Flatness, Parallelism Requirements
Kurt’s DX6 CrossOver vise is designed to achieve high workholding strength and performance where flatness and parallelism are critical.

Kurt SideWinder

Vise Reduces Setup Time for Secondary Operations
The Kurt SideWinder vise provides vertical workholding without interfering with an existing host vise or the spindle.

Kurt Manufacturing DoveLock

Jaw Platform Enables Fast, Accurate Vise Jaw Change
Kurt Manufacturing’s DoveLock jaw setup enables one-minute vise jaw changes with repeatable accuracy of ±0.001".

Kurt VersatileLock vise

Vises Provide Consistent Ganging for Part-to-Part Tool Movement
Kurt’s VersatileLock vises ensure 0.0005" repeating accuracy in 20 models including hydraulic, manual and pneumatic actuation.

Kurt AngLock vise

Self-Centering Vises Ensure Workpiece Stability
Kurt’s AngLock vise line comprises more than 60 models in 2.5", 4", 6", 8" and 10" jaw widths with many available in manual and hydraulic actuation.

Kurt Workholding DT20 Dovetail vise

Line of Workholding Products Expanded
Kurt will feature its DT20 Dovetail vise designed for aggressive five-axis machining.

New Jaws Speed Change-Over for Short-Run Jobs
This shop found that a quick-change jaw system reduced 80-minute change-over times to just 8 minutes.

Vise within a Vise System Enables Economical Five-Axis Machining
A unique vise-within-a-vise system using Kurt workholding enables Peterson Machining Inc. to cost effectively use five-axis manufacturing for complex parts.

KurtSmart Probe

Pencil Probe Provides LDVT Measurement with High Accuracy
The KurtSmart Probe from the Kurt Industrial Products Division combines the advantages of a linear variable differential transducer (LDVT) with the accuracy of a linear scale in a more affordable package, according to the company.

Kurt HD690 pull-type vise

Pull-Type Vise Minimizes Jaw Deflection
Kurt Workholding’s HD690 pull-type vise features a 9" jaw opening for clamping larger workpieces with minimal stationary jaw deflection.

Kurt hydraulic clamping system

Hydraulic Clamping Systems for High-Production Machining
Kurt’s hydraulic clamping systems are designed for faster, more accurate workpiece clamping.

Kurt five-axis workholding options

Five-Axis Workholding Options Accommodate Range of Workpieces
Kurt offers a selection of vise configurations and options designed for five-axis machining in industries such as medical, oilfield, aerospace, and mold and die.

Kurt SideWinder vise

Vise Enables Second Operation Machining
Kurt’s SideWinder vise mounts to the back of the company’s industry-standard 6" vises to provide vertical workholding for second-operation machining in a single setup. Vise Enables Second Operation Machining

Kurt HD690 vise line

Vise Line Reduces Stress Under Load
Kurt’s pull-type HD690 vise line is available in standard and reverse jaw models, and in manual and hydraulic versions.

Kurt DockLock workholding system

Workholding System Reduces Setup Time
Kurt’s DockLock zero-point workholding system is designed for quick alignment and setup of parts on horizontal and vertical machining centers.

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Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
Fixturing Systems
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Indexers & Rotary Tables
Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Probes, Electromechanical
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Vises & Vise Jaws
Vision Systems
Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

Groove Lock
Hd & HDL Anglock Vises
Versatile Lock