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Industrial Cleaning Chemistries
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Product Categories of Kyzen Corporation

  • Solvents & Degreasing Agents

Trade Names

  • Metalnox
  • Optisolv

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Alkaline Cleaners Offer Rust Protection
Kyzen offers its Metalnox series of alkaline industrial cleaners in two formulations, both featuring effective steel corrosion inhibitors.

Aqueous Cleaning Solution Prevents Corrosion
Kyzen’s Metalnox M6330 high-alkaline aqueous solution cleans and brightens a variety of metal parts.

Aqueous Cleaner for Copper Alloys
Kyzen will highlight its Metalnox M6310 cleaning chemistry designed for heavy-duty cleaning of dry lube, cutting, oils, waxes, grease, carbonized soils and shop dirt.

Presentation: How to Conquer Corrosion
Corrosion issues plague all manufacturing processes, particularly those involving metal substrates for the high technology, medical and industrial markets.

Pavilion Groups Parts Cleaning Suppliers
Parts cleaning plays a significant role in final product quality for many shops. As technology continues to move forward and regulatory guidelines become even stricter, it is important for these shops to stay on top of the latest cleaning procedures, equipment and accessories.