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Product Categories of Liebherr Gear Technology Inc.

  • Automated Pallet Systems
  • Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Conveyors & Other Part Handling Automation
  • Gantry Loaders
  • Gear Cutting Tools
  • Gear Grinding Machines
  • Gear Hobbing Machines
  • Gear Inspection Equipment
  • Gear Shaping Machines
  • Pallet Changers - Automatic

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Liebherr Partners with Koepfer
Koepfer America will represent Wenzel GearTech products for Liebherr in selected states.

Producing Precision Gears
They needed precision gears of a variety of sizes and configurations, so what did Liebherr do more than 60 years ago? It designed, engineered and built its own gear-making equipment, which became one of its businesses. And yes, it still produces gears for its own requirements.

Gear Grinding Machine for Production Line Installation
Liebherr’s LGG 180 machine for profile and generating grinding is said to provide short grinding times and consistent high quality for large-scale production.

Measuring Machine Analyzes Small Gears
Available from Liebherr Gear Technology, the Wenzel WGT 280 gear-measuring machine is designed to measure gears smaller than 280 mm in diameter as well as rotationally symmetrical parts.

Hobbing Machine Features Chamfer Cut Unit
Liebherr offers a hobbing machine equipped with a separate chamfer cut unit for deburring and chamfering workpieces ranging to 180 mm.

Universal Hobbing Machine Designed for Flexibility
Liebherr’s high-performance LC 500 universal hobbing machine handles workpiece diameters ranging to 500 mm.