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Product Categories of Lucifer Furnaces Inc.

  • Heat Treating

Trade Names

  • Dual Chamber Furnace
  • High Speed Steel Furnace
  • Red Devil Furnace
  • Space-Saver Furnace

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Box Furnace Heats Evenly from Above and Below
Lucifer Furnaces is offering its Model 3027-K12 high-temperature box furnace, capable of heating at 2,500°F using silicon carbide rod-type heating elements mounted above and below the hearth for uniform heat in the work chamber.

Nitrogen Atmosphere Furnace Accommodates Larger Batches
Lucifer Furnaces’ 86AM-K24 atmosphere furnace is a dual-chamber unit for workpieces requiring a nitrogen atmosphere.

Dual-Chamber Oven Offers Energy-Efficient Performance
Lucifer Furnaces’ Red Devil dual-chamber RD8-KHE24 oven is designed for energy-efficient high performance and space savings in toolroom applications.

Top-Loading Pot Furnaces for Salt Bath Heat Treatment
Lucifer Furnaces offers its series 2055 top-loading pot furnaces for salt bath heat treatment.

Furnace Designed to Minimize Heat Loss and Maximize Durability
Lucifer Furnace’s high-temperature GT furnace, model HS3GT, is capable of heating to 2,450°F under inert atmosphere.

Dual-Chamber Furnace Designed for Heat Treating
Lucifer Furnaces' model RD8-H14 Red Devil dual-chamber, heat-treating furnace is constructed with heavy-gauge, reinforced sheet steel.

Custom Furnaces Comply with Aerospace Standard
Lucifer Furnaces offers custom-built furnaces and ovens that comply with aerospace material specification (AMS) 2750D, which outlines requirements for meeting National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation (NADCAP) standards.

High Speed Steel Box Furnace
The Economy high speed steel box furnace, manufactured by Lucifer Furnaces, is an energy-efficient unit designed for heat treating high speed steels and glass ceramics. The furnace is constructed with lightweight ceramic fiber and mineral wool block insulation within a structurally reinforced sheet metal shell to minimize heat loss.

Heavy-Duty Recirculating Ovens
Series 4099 ovens from Lucifer Furnaces are large, high-velocity models for tempering, annealing, stress relieving, shrink fitting and heat treating large workloads. Designed for operation at temperatures ranging to 1,400°F, the ovens are equipped with a roof-mounted alloy recirculating fan to provide a vertical air flow pattern for uniform temperature throughout the chamber.

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