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  • Broaching Attachments
  • Broaching Machines, Horizontal
  • Broaching Machines, Vertical
  • Broaching Tools
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Counterbores/Countersinks
  • Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
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  • Key Seaters
  • Key Seating Tools
  • Presses, Hydraulic, Gap Frame
  • Punching Tools/Dies
  • Reamers
  • Reaming Attachments
  • Shaving Tools

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Multi-Purpose Tool Performs 8 Operations
With one multi-purpose tool, Magafor says it can increase production, cost savings and quality. The Multi-V multi-function carbide tool is capable of performing eight separate operations—centering/spotting, V-grooving, engraving, counter sinking, interpolation drilling, chamfering and longitudinal chamfers. The multi-function tool can meet diameter needs ranging from 0.

Two- And Four-Point Indexing Broaches