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Company Profile

Mahr Federal Inc., The Mahr Group, is one of the largest manufacturers of dimensional measuring technology gages and systems including Calipers, Micrometers and other Hand Tools, Dial & Digital Indicators; Mechanical and Plug Gages, Air Gaging, Electronic Gages, Height Gages, Dimensional Standards, Gage Calibration Systems, Metrology Lab Gages, Form, Surface Roughness & Contour Metrology Systems; Optical and Contact Shaft Measurement Systems, Gear Metrology Systems, Custom Design & Build Gages; Gage Repair & Calibration, Field Services and Rotary Stroke Bearings. Mahr measuring instruments are used for measuring minute length, form and surface deviations on workpieces in the automotive industry and in the mechanical, precision and optical engineering industries, as well as in science and research. Mahr’s innovative measuring instruments pave the way for further technical and scientific development. Mahr Federal is registered to ISO 9001:2008 by National Quality Assurance and accredited to ISO 17025:2005.



Product Categories of Mahr Federal Inc.

  • Calibration Equipment
  • Comparators, Optical & Other
  • Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
  • Flatness Measuring Equipment
  • Gages - Digital
  • Gages - Mechanical
  • Gear Inspection Equipment
  • Interferometers
  • Laser Measurement Systems
  • Material Testing & Analysis Equipment
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Roundness Measuring Equipment
  • Surface Finish Measuring Equipment
  • Surface Plates
  • Vision Systems

Trade Names

  • Digimar
  • Dimensionair
  • Dimentron
  • Federal Products
  • Formscan
  • Mahr
  • Mahr Federal
  • MarConnect
  • MarForm
  • MarShaft
  • MarSurf
  • Maxum
  • Millimar
  • Millimess
  • Perthometer
  • Pocket Surf
  • Precimar

Product Announcements Provided By Mahr Federal Inc.

Economically Priced MarSurf® UD 120 Measures Surface and Contour in Single Pass

Next Generation MarSurf® M 300 Features Bluetooth Wireless Drive Unit

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Mobile Roughness Measuring Unit Offers Flexibility
Mahr Federal’s MarSurf PS 10 is a roughness measuring unit designed for mobile use.

Measurement Products Provide Digital Connectivity
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment and software for measurement and inspection.

July 2016 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Measurement and Inspection
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment and software for measurement and inspection.

Optical Systems for Shopfloor Shaft Measurement
Mahr Federal features the MarShaft Scope 250 Plus and the MarShaft Scope 600 Plus 3D.

Digital Calipers, Indicators Enable Wireless Data Transmission
Mahr Federal wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its families of MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators.

Gear Tester Provides Fast, Accurate Analysis
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Digital Calipers, Indicators Transmit Wirelessly
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Microscope with Image Processing
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Microscope Provides One-Shot Image Processing
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Flexible Shopfloor Measurement for Small Parts
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Metrology Team Offers Customized Solutions
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Versatile ID/OD Gage Provides Numerous Attachments, Depth Stops, Anvils
The updated Multimar 844 T universal measurement gage from Mahr Federal is designed for gaging IDs and ODs ranging to 2,500 mm with high sensitivity and accuracy.

Mahr Federal Introduces Engineered Metrology Team
The team offers a range of customization, from custom assemblies of standard gages and elements to full gage design with manual, semi-automatic or fully automated operation.

Mahr Federal Hires Director of Sales, North America
Stuart Manser has previously worked in various metrology and management positions in the United Kingdom, United States and Asia.

Entry-Level System Provides Nanometer-Range Measurement
Mahr Federal offers its entry-level MarSurf UD 130 surface finish and contour measuring system capable of generating both surface and contour measurements in a single pass.

Measurement Machine Quickly Images Turned Parts
Mahr Federal’s MarShaft Scope 250 Plus is designed to provide fast, accurate, fully automatic measurement of smaller shafts and turned parts directly on the shop floor, featuring a highly accurate matrix camera with 4 million pixels.

Dimensional Metrology Products Catalog Available
A product catalog from Mahr Federal covering the company’s full range of dimensional metrology products and systems is now available in print, PDF and online digital versions.

Surface Finish Gage Offers One-Button Calibration
Mahr Federal’s latest version of its Pocket Surf portable surface finish gage includes updated electronics and additional features.

Digital Calipers Equipped with Wireless Data Transmission Capabilities
Mahr Federal has added wireless data transmission capabilities to its MarCal 16 EWRi digital calipers with a low-power, built-in transmitter.

Long-Range Indicator Calibrator Resist Backlash
Mahr Federal’s Optimar 25 long-range indicator calibrator is said to be accurate to ±10 microinches (±0.3 microns) with a full 0-to-1" (25 mm) range.