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A Special Message from Global Services, Fives Machining Systems

Fives Global Serives is Your Single Source 

We serve your needs before, during and after the installation of your equipment by providing the industry‘s broadest range of services designed to maximize your return on capital investment.  Contact our experienced technicians for:

  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Technical training
  • Customer service
  • Field service
  • 24/7 service parts
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Repair and exchange services
  • Rebuilds, retrofits and remanufacture
  • Support for over 50 legacy machine tool brands

Fives provides the competitive edge by increasing the productivity of existing machinery and applying high-performance tooling and metalworking fluids to machine tool applications.  Products and services include:

  • CYCLO CUT® tooling and tooling systems
  • CYCLO COOL® coolants and equipment
  • Special purpose machines
  • Workholding / fixturing 
  • Tool management systems 
  • Application support 
  • Monitoring software 

Company Profile

Fives is your single source for maintenance and productivity solutions designed to optimize plant operations. Though comprehensive support and factory-direct expertise, manufacturers achieve maximum equipment availability and utilization reducing their cost per piece. By providing an award-winning service and support program, our customers maintain the lowest possible total cost of ownership of capital equipment throughout the machines life's cycle. 




Product Categories of Global Services, Fives Machining Systems

  • Ball/Lead Screws & Repair Services
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Machine Monitoring Systems
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Quality & Measurement Services
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services

Trade Names

  • Boehringer
  • Cincinnati
  • Cross
  • Ex-Cell-O
  • Fadal
  • Giddings & Lewis
  • Hessapp
  • Huller Hille
  • Kearney & Trecker
  • Lamb
  • Warner & Swasey
  • Witzig + Frank

Deep Links

DRILLUNIT - DRILLUNIT provides a complete assortment of high-quality machine components that improve the way manufacturers work. Our current models are continuously refined and improved and our brand new models are more functional and simplified in their operations. They encompass a wider range of applications and work loads, yet they remain compact and versatile, with increased thrust and horsepower range, heavier drive spindles and wider way widths. DRILLUNIT products are capable of covering many more machining applications to better serve your needs, making Drillunit the ultimate choice as your major machine tool component supplier.

Adaptive Control Monitoring - The ACM innovative and patented "Expert System" calculates the optimal feed rate based on continuously measured spindle load combined with actual cutting tool and workpiece material data. By maintaining the maximum permissible load during each cutting operation, ACM systems apply the optimal feed rate, while automatically eliminating tool breakage by reducing the feed rate under excessive load conditions. For more information on Adaptive Control & Monitoring please click on the link above.

Service Parts - Verify availability, price and delivery; gather on-line quotes that can be printed in your office and easily search feature for access to over 250,000 part numbers. Order parts on-line for Cincinnati, Cincinnati Automation & Test, Fadal, Lamb, Ex-Cell-O, Cross Huller, Hessapp, Giddings & Lewis, Turnmatic Systems, Inc., Witzig & Frank, Huller Hille, and Many More.

Field Service - At Maintenance Technologies, we provide field support through a highly trained network of machine tool experts. We utilize direct factory personnel and local representatives to provide the appropriate response to your needs.

FREEDOM E-LOG - FREEDOM E-LOG™ is an affordable, easy-to-use software program that delivers clear and concise performance data needed to better manage your equipment operation and increase your productivity. FREEDOM E-LOG tracks events at individual machines and cells then creates bar or pie charts to explain production events. The software operates through a server installed in a facility’s internal network. The server maintains a database on machine performance that can be viewed as intranet web pages from any desktop PC web browser.

Product Announcements Provided By Global Services, Fives Machining Systems

MAG Maintenance Technologies appointed exclusive distributor for Special Purpose Machines built by Hause Machines

MAG Maintenance Technologies Responds to Aircraft Component Manufacturers Need for Single-Source Suppliers for Processin

MAG Maintenance Technologies Selected by Lockheed Martin for Strategic Global Service Alliance

Productivity Solutions: Optimizing Cutting Performance and Improving Cycle Times at IMTS

Reducing the Total Cost of Machine Tool Ownership

As seen in MMS

Cryogenic Machining Increases Material Removal Rates and/or Tool Life in Hard-to-Machine Materials
MAG demonstrates its Minimum Quantity Cryogenics (MQC) machining technology and explains the technology’s capabilities and advantages in a Learning Lab conducted throughout every day of the show in Booth S-8519.

Six Ways Outsourced Maintenance Saves
Outsourcing maintenance to a third-party specialist can be a cost-effective way to realize higher overall equipment efficiency and better process control.

Cutting Tools, Fluids For Aerospace Machining
 Cyclo Cut cutting tools include indexable milling tools, rotary cutting tools and toolholders for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations.

CYCLO CUT Cutting Tools
CYCLO CUT cutting tools offer high density face mills, excellent for finishing cast iron at extreme feed rates. Our unique clamping design allows individual adjustments of each insert for optimum surface finishes. Inserts are negative hexagon shaped allowing TWELVE indexes per insert. Cutters up to 20 inches in diameter are flange mounted.

MAG’s new CYCLO CUT 1.000” diameter 20 flute solid carbide Max-Flute endmill finishes titanium at 100 IPM machining .030 radial and 1.000” axial depth of cut with proven tool life of over four hours. The Max-Flute requires less machine power consumption over the competition, making it perfect for light duty 40 taper machining center spindles.

CYCLO GRIP Milling Chuck
The new MAG CYCLO GRIP Milling Chuck grips end mills with 4,700 pounds of clamping force and .0004 runout. This tool holder is ideal for hard metal cutting using large diameter end mills. It can also be used to hold shank style tools including back-spotfacing tools.

CYCLO CUT Plunge Mill
MAG’s new 1.25” diameter CYCLO CUT Plunge Mill allows maximum metal removal rates at extended reaches using light duty machining centers. This new style cutter removes 3 cu/in/min of titanium in 7.00” deep pockets on a CAT 40 Vertical Machining Center.

Remanufactured Fadal VMCs

Optimize Equipment, Programs And Schedules

The In-Cycle Enabler
To achieve 144 hours per week of in-cycle time on its machining centers, this plant relies on software that offers a clear, colorful, real-time view of where the time losses are occurring.


  • Max-Flute Solid Carbide End Mill

    (Sponsored Content) MAG’s CYCLO CUT cutting tool line introduces the Max-Flute solid carbide end mill. The Max-Flute technology delivers a step-change in machining of a broad spectrum of jet engine components in both titanium and nickel alloys. MAG’s Max-Flute was also selected the winner of the prestigious 2009 Sir Henry Royce Awards for Technical Innovation.

  • CYCLO COOL Advanced Technology Fluids

    (Sponsored Content) The metal manufacturing industry is dynamic and evolving toward medical and aerospace titanium machining applications. MAG’s CYCLO COOL Advance Technology Fluids are meeting the titanium machining challenges with CYCLO COOL 5000. This unique metalworking fluid exceeds conventional cutting fluid lubrication capabilities and is proven to reduce tooling cost and increase production.

  • CYCLO COOL 900 Series

    (Sponsored Content) MAG’s CYCLO COOL 900 cutting fluid series has a unique formula that performs well within the aerospace industry in replacing typical soluble oils and semi-synthetics. These fluids provide huge cost savings in reducing non-scheduled cleanings, fluid maintenance and usage of MWF additives. Customers are also able to recycle these fluids without excessive amount of maintenance, equipment and additives.

  • CYCLO CUT Cutting Tools

    (Sponsored Content) MAG’s CYCLO CUT cutting tools include a high grip collet chuck with up to 75% increased gripping force without expensive bearing nuts. Our chucks apply a unique coating which reduces friction when clamping rotary cutting tools. These holders are ideal for large drills and solid carbide end mills and provide better TIR and extended tool life.

  • CYCLO COOL Cutting Fluids

    (Sponsored Content) CYCLO COOL cutting fluids consist of a large range of premium metalworking fluids designed for the various dynamic metal manufacturing industries. More specifically, general job shop manufacturing facilities are extremely impressed with the ‘work horse’ nature of CYCLO COOL 1800 and CYCLO COOL 2000.

  • CYCLO CUT HSK63A End Mills

    (Sponsored Content) CYCLO CUT cutting tools offer integral shank HSK63A end mills for use in high speed machining of large aluminum structural components. Integral design allows indexable cutting while running at high RPM’s, and much higher cutting capabilities. Cutters are available up to 2.00” in diameter with reaches of 2.00” to 4.00”.