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A Special Message from Makino

Make What Matters

Our commitment to customers begins with global leadership in metal-cutting and manufacturing technology, with our industry leading horizontal and vertical machining centers, wire and sinker EDMs, graphite machining centers and automation systems. We help our customers make what matters. These customers are leaders in a broad cross-section of industries, and they share our commitment to innovation and success by machining the components and parts for today’s most advanced vehicles, sophisticated aircraft, complex medical devices, and a wide range of consumer and industrial products.

Because our customers make what matters, they make a difference to their own customers, to their coworkers, their families and their communities. They have been fueling innovation for decades, and see Makino as a trusted partner and a reliable resource—enabling their absolute best work and highest levels of performance. We are proud to support them in their technology and engineering needs. 


Company Profile

Industry Expertise and Experience in Helping Manufacturers Make What Matters.

Makino is a world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, providing a wide range of high-precision metal-cutting and EDM machinery, including horizontal machining centersvertical machining centers5-axis machining centersgraphite machining centers, and wire and Ram EDMs. Makino’s flexible automation solutions and integration services provide reduced labor costs and increased throughput in a variety of production volumes and designs. Makino engineering services offers industry-leading expertise for even the most challenging applications across all industries. In addition to training opportunities, Makino provides 24/7 telephone assistance for North American customers at 1-888-Makino4.

Makino’s USA headquarters is located in Mason, Ohio, with additional offices worldwide. World headquarters, manufacturing, and R&D facilities are located in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, call 1-800-552-3288 or visit

Product Categories of Makino

  • Automated Pallet Systems
  • Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
  • Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • EDM, Ram Type (Die-Sinking) CNC
  • EDM, Small Hole
  • EDM, Wire Type
  • Grinding Machines, Tool, Cutter & Drill Point
  • Grinding Machines, Universal (ID/OD)
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Machine Monitoring Systems
  • Machining Cells & FMS
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Milling Machines, Graphite
  • Milling Machines, Knee & Column, Non-ATC
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis

Trade Names

  • 1 Series HMC
  • A Series HMC
  • ADVANTiGE Technology
  • Belly Wizard
  • D-Series VMC
  • DUO Series Wire EDM
  • EDAC-Series Sinker EDM
  • EDAF series sinker EDM
  • EDAF-FH-Series EDM Hold Drilling
  • EDBV3-Series EDM Hole Drilling
  • EDFH-Series EDM Hole Drilling
  • EDNC Series Ram EDM
  • F series VMC
  • FB127 VMC
  • GF Series VMC
  • G-Series HMC
  • HEAT
  • HQSF
  • iQ300 VMC
  • J Series HMC
  • MAG Series HMC
  • MCC & MCD Series HMC
  • MCD-Series HMC
  • MCF-Series HMC
  • MCi Series HMC
  • MMC2
  • MMC-R
  • N-Series HMC
  • Online Training
  • Pro3 PC
  • Pro5 PC
  • Professional 5 control
  • PS series VMC
  • Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI)
  • Super Spark
  • Track Pallet Magazine
  • T-Series HMC
  • U Series Wire EDM
  • UPV series wire edm
  • V-Series Graphic Machining Centers
  • V-Series VMC
  • Wire Wizard

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Product Announcements Provided By Makino

Makino Offers the New T2 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center with ADVANTiGE™

Aerospace Blade and Vane Machining Improves with Makino’s EDBV3

Makino D300 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Provides Speed and Flexibility for Aerospace Machining

Makino Announces the New F-Series Vertical Machining Centers

Makino G7 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center Reduces Setups and Capital Equipment

Makino Introduces F8 and F9 Vertical Machining Centers for Large Workpiece Manufacturing

Makino Releases iQ300 Precision Micromachining Center

Makino Offers New EDAF Series Ram EDMs for Speed, Reliability, and Versatility

As seen in MMS

Sinker EDM Accommodates Large Workpieces
Makino’s EDNC21 sinker EDM provides dual heads to improve productivity and lower the tool build time for large molds.

AMT Elects Officers, Board of Directors for 2016-2017
Among the new leaders of the board are executives from Hardinge, Mazak and AME.

Standardized Parameters Make Unattended Machining Predictable and Reliable
Standardized parameters for specific material and cutting tool combinations help this hard milling specialist manage a highly varied workload with minimal labor.

Expanded Sinker EDM Series Accommodates Large Workpieces
Makino has expanded its EDNC series of sinker EDM machines with the EDNC10, EDNC15 and EDNC20 models.

VMC Helps Shop Find Tight-Tolerance Niche
YDC Precision Machine's VMCs needed more capacity and capability, so it invested in a Makino PS95 vertical machining center that cut cycle times in half.

Suite of Productivity Technologies Applied to Complete EDM Line
Makino's full line of wire EDM, sinker EDM and EDM hole-drilling machines are now equipped with the company's s suite of Hyper Technologies, previously introduced for U-series wire EDMs,

HMC for Die-Cast Production Machining Reduces Downtime
Makino introduces its a40 HMC for nonferrous, die-cast parts machining, particularly die-cast aluminum.

Delcam and Makino to Host Five-Axis Milling Seminar
The seminar targets subcontract businesses and will be held October 7 at Makino’s Mid-Atlantic distributor, Automation Solutions.

VMC Makes Big R&D Strides on Micro Applications
Waters Corp. needed to develop extremely tight-tolerance prototypes quickly, so the company upgraded to a Makino iQ300 VMC to produce complex, low-volume part concepts for R&D.

Makino Joins Siemens PLM’s Software Partnership Program
The agreement is said to enable Makino to better serve the aircraft engine market.

June 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: EDM
This month’s product slideshow includes equipment ranging from wire EDMs and consumables to an electrical discharge device for dressing grinding wheels.

Unattended Sinker EDM Burns, Shaped Diffuser Holes
For discharge machining of cooling air holes and shaped diffuser holes in blade and vane segments, Makino offers its EDBV3 fast-hole drill EDM.

May 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Micromachining
From cutting tools to waterjets, this slideshow highlights equipment suitable for micromachining.

Wire EDM Provides Higher Rigidity, Thermal Stability
Makino will spotlight its U3 wire EDM, which merges all machine components into a single base structure for improved mechanical rigidity and thermal stability.

Micromachining Center Promotes Component Temperature Control
Makino’s iQ300 precision micromachining center offers improved component temperature control and 0.005-micron scale feedback for sub-micron accuracy.

Automated Five-Axis Cell Streamlines Production
Abipa Canada made its move into automation leveraging a fixture plate distribution system and an HMC, minimizing setup time and lowering part production costs.

March 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Machining Centers
Click through this slideshow for HMCs, VMCs, multitasking centers and more.

Five-Axis Machining Center for Efficient Job Shop Production
Makino’s T1 five-axis horizontal machining center is designed for industrial component manufacturing and aerospace job shop applications where machining both soft and hard metals is required.

Makino Announces 2015 Online Seminar Schedule
The free webinars focus on topics ranging from improving productivity to maintaining equipment.

Getting in Touch with Optimal EDM Results
Makino’s Hyper i control for wire EDM uses touchscreen navigation in its user interface, which helps a basic user to match the productivity and capability of an experienced operator.