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miniature drill extenders

A Modulated Approach to Deep-Hole Drilling
After years spent trying to overcome the challenges it had encountered drilling a deep hole in a tiny workpiece, this shop finally discovered the solution in a technology called Modulation Assisted Machining.

M4 Sciences TriboMAM drilling system

Drilling System Offers Increased Speed, Improved Surface Finishes
M4 Sciences offers its next-generation TriboMAM drilling system based on modulation-assisted machining (MAM) technology.

M4 Sciences Live TriboMAM drilling system

Live Drilling System Precisely Controls Motion
The Live TriboMAM drilling system from M4 Sciences, featuring modulation-assisted machining (MAM) technology, is suitable for use with gun drilling machines and machining centers.

M4 Sciences Appoints VP
A new vice president of sales and marketing will focus on promoting the company’s global expansion.

Advancing Manufacturing, Tomorrow and Today
A drilling solution improves the production of a component that is critical for correcting spinal disorders. Meanwhile, an apprenticeship program ensures that improvements like this one can continue into the future.

Drilling with Modulation Delivers Pecks for Free
A system for center drilling on Swiss-types and other small lathes oscillates the drill up to 1,000 times per second. Cycle time, part quality and predictability all improve.

Video: Modulation Assisted Machining
This footage shows the effect of a techology that speeds and simplifies center drilling by oscillating the drill through many pecks per second.

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