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MicroCentric Precision Workholding Solutions


PRECISION POWER CHUCKS .0001" Repeating Accuracy PPC series power chucks are the right choice for precision machining, such as finish turning, grinding, hard turning and sub spindle applications. Dual actuator design for unmatched rigidity and repeating accuracy in a draw tube design. Exceed Cpk and Ppk requirements by holding tighter concentricity, squareness and parallelism tolerances. Models from 4" to 12".


PRECISION AIR CHUCKS .000050" Repeating Accuracy Precision Air Chucks feature a self contained design with built-in cylinder. Our Air Chucks are double acting for both OD and ID clamping. Adjustable air pressure allows for clamping fragile parts with mimimal distortion. Available with QC jaw locating system for increased productivity. Models include: Stationary Rotating, Stationary, Long Stroke, HIgh Speed, Sealed and Front Actuated Thru Hole


PRECISION QUICK CHANGE COLLET CHUCKS Change Collets in 15 Seconds Quick Change Collets feature a segmented vulcanized collet for easy handling and reduced chip build up. Changing fixture allows for collapsing the collets and quickly removing from the chuck .0004" TIR maximum part runout. Parallel clamping design. Large clamping range. Also available S pad master collets. Models include dead length, pullback, low profile sub spindle and self-contained front actuated.

Company Profile

MicroCentric Precision Workholding Solutions For over 30 years advanced engineering, high quality materials, renowned workmanship and state of the art machine tools and measuring equipment have been the ingredients that empower MicroCentric to produce the world's leading precision workholding systems. Unmatched Accuracy and Repeatability MicroCentric precision workholding products deliver unmatched accuracy and repeatability. Our precision jaw and diaphragm chucks have a standard repeating accuracy of 0.0001". Many models are available with repeating accuracy within 0.00005". Designed & Built in the USA MicroCentric Corporation is located in Plainview, NY. where we have complete in-house capability to design and manufacturer the world's finest quality workholding products and related tooling.

Product Categories of MicroCentric Corp.

  • Actuators, Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Arbors, Expandable Workholding
  • Chuck Jaws & Collets
  • Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
  • Chucks, Diaphragm
  • Chucks, Gear
  • Chucks, Index
  • Chucks, Jaw Type
  • Chucks, Precision
  • Chucks, Self-Contained
  • Chucks, Special
  • Clamps & Fixturing Devices
  • Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

  • MicroCentric

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Front-Actuated Through-Hole Air Chucks
The FA series of chucks features a stationary air distributor ring, incorporating special profile seals and locking check valves to maintain air pressure while the chuck is rotating. Standard repeating accuracy is 0. 0001" (0.

Power Chucks Feature Dual Actuator Design
The company’s high-precision power chucks (PPC) feature a dual actuator design to provide increased clamping force and higher rpm capability. The design is said to achieve greater rigidity, resulting in improved accuracy at high draw tube forces. Increased chuck life is also said to be attained because the internal

Improved Accuracy At High Draw Tube Forces