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A Special Message from Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Running the BEST Machines in the World.  

M700V and M70V Series CNC Control
M700V and M70V Series CNC Control

As the largest supplier of customized CNC systems for machine tool builders worldwide, we strive to exceed your expectations by providing easy-to-use, energy saving, reliable products built for the long run, and we back our products with exceptional support.

More Standard Options.  With many options turned on out of the box, no CNC manufacturer comes close to the features available to you when you buy a machine running a Mitsubishi control.

Long Term Life Cycle Support.  Our Technical Service & Support team has been in the Americas since 1974, and we’re still supporting equipment installed shortly after we arrived.  When it comes to extending the life of your equipment, trust our service experts to find solutions and make recommendations to get the most out of your equipment.

Value-Added Service.   We are continually innovating in the area of support after the sale, to provide our customers with services that add value to their operations.  These services include:

  • CloudCNC Backup
  • Machine Tuning
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Spindle Upgrades

The Industry's Best Initial Warranty
The Industry's Best Initial Warranty

Registering your Mitsubishi Electric Automation robot unlocks the full potential of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s industry-leading three year cleanroom or on-site service initial limited warranty for robots purchased on or after October 1, 2014.

Why Register?

Registering your eligible robot is fast, easy, and free.

Registering within 90 days of installation extends our standard two year initial warranty coverage to include:

  • On-site* (customer facility) service
  • All parts and labor related to on-site repair
  • Service engineer travel and per diem during normal working hours
  • Three year coverage on your eligible covered equipment

*Please note that clean room classified robots cannot be serviced On-Site. They are required to be sent back to our state-of-the-art repair facility in order to be tested in a Class 10, ISO 4 clean room.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Vernon Hills, Ill., Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., offers a wide range of factory automation  products solutions training  and  support  services for the industrial and commercial sectors. A U.S. affiliate company of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Automation represents more than 90 years’ experience in the automation industry. A broad product portfolio includes programmable logic controllers ( PLC ), human machine interfaces ( HMI ),  inverters servo amplifiers and motors control software , computerized numerical control ( CNC ),  circuit breakers robots  and  motion controllers . The company takes its motion control solutions on the road with the 53-foot long  Solutions in Motion  mobile showroom that appears at tradeshows, training seminars and other events across North America. Additional information about Mitsubishi Electric Automation is available at .

In addition to factory automation,  Mitsubishi Electric US group companies ’ principal businesses include projectors, semiconductor devices, automotive electrical components, elevators and escalators, heating and cooling products, solar modules, electric utility products, and large-scale video displays for stadiums and arenas. There are 50 locations throughout North America with approximately 3,600 employees.

Product Categories of Mitsubishi Electric Automation

  • Communications Networks, & Data Transmission Equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Digital Readout (DRO) Units
  • Electrical Switchgear, Enclosures & Components
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Non-Servo Electric Motors (Including Spindles, Drive Units, & Power Feeds)
  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Robot Controllers
  • Robots, Industrial
  • Servo Motors, Linear
  • Servo Motors, Rotary
  • Spindles
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet

Trade Names

  • Alpha2 Smart Relay Controller
  • CC-Link
  • CC-Link IE Controller Network
  • CC-Link IE Field Network
  • CC-Link Safety
  • CNC - C70 Series
  • CNC - M60S Series
  • CNC - M64 Series
  • CNC - M70 and M70V Series
  • CNC - M700 and M700V Series
  • CNC Servo - MDS Series
  • CNC Spindle - MDS Series
  • e-F@ctory IoT Gateway
  • HMI - GOT Simple
  • HMI - GOT1000 Series
  • HMI - GOT2000 Series
  • Inverter - FR-A700, -F700 Series
  • Inverter - FR-A800, -F800 Series
  • Inverter - FR-E700, -D700 Series
  • MELSEC F Series
  • MELSEC iQ-F Series
  • MELSEC iQ-R Series
  • MELSEC L Series
  • MELSEC Q Series
  • Robot - MELFA RH-F Series
  • Robot - MELFA RH-FHR Series
  • Robot - MELFA RV-F Series
  • Robot - MELFA SCARA RP Series Micro
  • Servo Amplifier - MR-J2 Series
  • Servo Amplifier - MR-J4 Series
  • Servo Motor - Direct Drive, TM-RFM
  • Servo Motor - Linear, LM Series
  • Servo Motor - Rotary, HG Series
  • Software - AX Energy
  • Software - AX Facility
  • Software - AX Portal
  • Software - FR Configurator2
  • Software - GT Works3
  • Software - GX Works2
  • Software - iQ Works
  • Software - MC Historian
  • Software - MC Works64
  • Software - MELSOFT MT Works2
  • Software - MR Configurator2
  • Software - MX Component
  • Software - PX Developer

Deep Links

CloudCNC® Backup

CloudCNC® is a service that offers you a complete backup of your machine, available to you from our servers, 24/7.

Machine Tuning

Mitsubishi Electric’s Machine Tuning service can reduce motion disturbance – like mechanical and electronic resonance – and improve machining quality. 

Parts Catalog

With our Parts Catalog, you can quickly find the right parts for your system and find documentation, training and products related to what you're looking for.

Service Agreements

Budget your yearly maintenance and repair costs with our Service Agreement. Choose from several options, each offering a fixed, low annual fee.  

With proper service and maintenance from Mitsubishi Electric experts, you can avoid premature failure and costly, unplanned downtime.  Whether your operations include drilling, grinding, milling, or turning, we can provide a service agreement that lowers a total cost of ownership for your eligible machine.

Product Announcements Provided By Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Mitsubishi Electric Announces CNC Data Backup in the Cloud

New Controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Provides Advanced Functionality in Compact, Cost-Effective Design

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces Retrofit Package to Replace MELDASMAGIC®64 Controls

Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory IoT Gateway Provides Real-time, Cloud-Based Energy Utilization Information

As seen in MMS

Controller Connectivity Eases Integration of Automation Systems
The iQ-F series compact controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is based on the company’s FX series, delivering the same control capabilities as its predecessor while adding new functionalities for enhanced performance and user experience.

Machine-to-Cloud Appliance Delivers Energy Management Data
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, in collaboration with ILS Technology, a Telit company, offers the e-Factory IoT Gateway, a machine-to-cloud (M2C) industrial appliance for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

HMI Features Multi-Touch Screen
Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s GOT2000 series human-machine interface (HMI) monitors and controls machine components via a graphical touchscreen designed to optimize operator control and monitoring of device and line status.

Variable Frequency Drive for Harsh Environments
Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s stand-alone PowerGate 66 IP66 / NEMA 4 variable frequency drive (VFD) incorporates a version of the Mitsubishi Electric E700 VFD into a custom NEMA 4 water-resistant enclosure.

Variable Frequency Drives Improve Motor Efficiency
The A800 series all-in-one variable frequency drive (VFD) from Mitsubishi Electric Automation combines traditional induction and permanent magnet motors into a single inverter for high-performance response and energy-efficient motor control.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Opens Training Center
A new facility will serve customers in the Northeastern United States.

Motor Control Products Downsize Panels
The MS-T series of contractors and motor control products from Mitsubishi Electric Automation range from 10 to 32 amps and are intended for users who are downsizing their panels.

Ewon Joins e-Factory Alliance Program
Mitsubishi Electric Automation has added a new partner to its referencing program.

CNC Retrofit Package Improves Reliability
Mitsubishi Electric Automation offers a retrofit package to replace control systems currently using Meldasmagic 64 controls.

January 2014 Product Spotlight: Robots and Automation
The Modern Equipment Review Spotlight in our January issue features robotics and industrial automation equipment. Click through the slideshow to see a selection of the highlighted products, and visit the Robots & Automation zone (link in the sidebar) to learn more.

Robot Series Enables Cell Creation
Mitsubishi Electric Automation offers its F-series industrial robots for dexterous, complex operations.

MEAU Offers CNC Backup in the Cloud
Customers can store data remotely on MEAU’s servers to reduce downtime when data is lost.

Motion Controller Upgrades Servo Platforms
Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Q170MCPU-EIP motion controller enables users to operate existing third-party control systems while leveraging one of the company’s servo-motion systems.

Entry-Level PLC Provides Flexibility
Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s FX3S micro programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed for entry-level accessibility.

MEAU Certifies Bertelkamp Automation Training Center
The center will provide training on PLCs, HMIs and robots.

Website Illustrates Automation Impact
Mitsubishi Electric Automation has launched a website highlighting the impact of its automation technologies on everyday life.

Holiday Weekend Presents Opportunity for Proactive Maintenance
Companies can use scheduled shutdowns to their advantage.

HMI Improves Visualization
Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s GT16 series human machine interface (HMI) is designed to increase mobility, visualization and integration with existing automation solutions portfolios.

CNC Series Offers Improved Functionality
Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-axis M700V CNC series is designed for metalcutting, forming, plastics and woodworking applications.

Ceiling-Mounted Robot Handles Lightweight Parts
The RH-3SxHR ceiling-mounted SCARA robot from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is designed for high-speed picking and handling of lightweight parts.