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A Special Message from Mitsui Seiki Inc.

What it Really Takes to Machine Titanium

We had the honor of presenting our knowledge in heavy metal machining at the Suppliers Excellence Alliance conference in Los Angeles in March. We were invited to share what we've learned specifically about how to machine triple nickel titanium, or Ti 5553. Top tier aerospace parts suppliers need to know how to machine it efficiently as more aero parts will be made of Ti 5553 for its light weight and heat resistant characteristics. We have participated in an important titanium cutting research project at Boeing for the last three years. We've learned a tremendous amount during our tests. Because several machine tool builders are also touting "heavy metal" and "titanium" machines, we felt compelled to shed light on what it truly takes to cut this material profitably: It takes the ability to machine at low frequencies, incorporate a certain tool taper tool interface, have the right amount of power and torque, and experience in construction and assembly techniques that impart the proper stiffness. We would like to elaborate on these points with you to give you even more detail about our testing, results, and what's around the corner in the area of heavy metal machining. Contact Mitsui Seiki today!

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Integrating Additive Manufacturing without Inhibiting Machining
Mitsui Seiki has been experimenting with how to use metal cutting and metal deposition effectively with the same machine tool without having to compromise the advantages of either.

Integrating Additive Manufacturing without Inhibiting Machining
CNC machining is the superior process for dimensional precision. Can AM be added to the machine tool without compromising this strength?

3D Printer for Additive, Subtractive Processes
Mitsui Seiki USA has developed the Vertex 55X-H, a hybrid machining center that combines additive and subtractive processes on one machine tool platform.

Mitsui Seiki Redesigns Website
The redesigned provides greater navigability and more content.

HMC Features Quill Spindle for Boring Oilfield Parts
The quill spindle model of Mitsui Seiki’s HU100 heavy-duty HMCs is designed for precision boring of large parts in energy-related as well as other industries.

Five-Axis Machine Line Delivers High-Accuracy Features for Aerospace Work
Mitsui Seiki’s Vertex 55X II line of machines expands on the Vertex 550-5X line.

A Compact but Rigid VMC for Machining Titanium Blades
In recent years, machine tool builders have developed models specifically designed for the efficient machining of titanium and other hard metals.

Blade Center Machines Titanium, Stainless Steel
Mitsui Seiki offers the Vertex 550-5XB blade center for producing turbine blades from forgings, castings, barstock or solid billets of titanium and stainless steel.

HMC Designed to Boost Productivity
The HU63EX horizontal machining center from Mitsui Seiki is designed to boost metalworking productivity.

What it Takes to Tackle Tungsten
When this aerospace job shop settled on machining tungsten alloys and other heavy metals as its specialty, it had to have a machine tool, cutting tools, workholding and process know-how to succeed.

Mitsui Seiki Offers Jig Borer Refurbishment
The company manufactures three types of jig boring machines.

Mitsui Seiki to Establish Turbine Technology Center
The new facility will provide customer education and application support while also enhancing the company's own research.

What JIMTOF Had to Show Us
We present here some of the interesting and visually appealing snapshots from JIMTOF 2012.

VMC Designed for Aerospace and Power Generation Turbine Blades
The Vertex 500-5XB five-axis CNC VMC from Mitsui Seiki is designed for producing turbine blades from forgings, castings, barstock and solid billets of titanium and stainless steel.

See Turbine Blades Cut From Solid Stock
Mitsui Seiki will feature the new Vertex 550-5Xb ("Blade Machine") in Booth S-8319.

Five-Axis Machining Center Designed for Power-Generation Applications
Mitsui Seiki’s HU63-T five-axis CNC machining center is designed for power-generation applications, including critical rotating components such as blisks, impellers and turbine disks, as well as gas-turbine power-generation systems.

imX Exhibit to Detail Aerospace Machining Techniques
Visitors to Mitsui Seiki’s booth at the inaugural imX (interactive manufacturing experience) industry event will take away a greater comprehension of requirements for machining new aerospace engine and structural components, the company says. “There is a tremendous amount of work coming down the pike to the aerospace supply chain, driven by new fuel-efficient jet designs,” says Scott Walker, President of Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc. “The challenge is 95 percent of these high nickel superalloys and hybrid composite material parts cannot be machined with conventional CNC machining centers.

Technology Events Explore Titanium Machining
Mitsui Seiki USA will host “Titanium Machining Technology Days” on June 15 and 16 to provide insight into machining this hard metal.

Design the Parts Around the Process
To guarantee that components for a new helicopter could be readily produced, the company looked at the capabilities of available machine tools in the market first, and then finalized the design of the components accordingly. It created a Precision Components Technology Center to embody this concept as a process for R&D prototype work. What has emerged is a flexible production model that can be duplicated at its other facilities.

Disaster in Japan: A Spirit of Generosity Will Prevail
Despite last week’s horrendous disaster, Japan will carry on.