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We Specialize in Automatic Cutoff Lathes & Feeders
for Cylindrical Tube, Pipe and Bar Stock

Built for Speed. Made for Precision

Introducing the Gen VI Servo Automatic Cuttoff Lathe. The compact cast iron slide unit offers
rigidity with the speed and serviceability of linear technology. The precision ground, ball-screw
driven slides with
high torque digital drives provide easy set up and increased tool life.
An optional two axis servo slide is available for simple turning, boring and drilling operations.
These systems can handle material .25” to 8”. Call us today to get on the fast track of
increased productivity with our new generation of servo automatic cutoff lathes.

Two Axis Slide
High Torque Digital Drive
Menu Prompted Touch Screen
Digital Read Out or Servo Positioned
Heavy Duty Stock Stops


Company Profile

Modern Machine Tool

An Industry Leader Since 1916

Modern Machine Tool manufactures CNC controlled automatic bar, tube, pipe feeders and cutoff machines using conventional lathes and laser or plasma cutoff mechanisms. Modern Machine Tool Company is well known in the U.S. and abroad for its versatile manual and automatic lathe-type cut-off machines and automatic feeders. In virtually every field of manufacturing where tubing, pipe or bars are being cut and formed, in plants around the world, you'll find one or more dependable Modern cut-off machines on the job.

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  • Bar Feed Mechanisms
  • Lathes, Cut-Off

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  • Modern
  • Modern Machine Tool Co.

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Modern Machine Tool Catalog Automatic cutoff lathes and feeders

Conventional Cutoff Lathes Modern Cutting-Off Machines are single-spindle, lathe-type machines designed for production cutoff of round tubing, pipe and solid bar stock. Stock is fed through the spindle to a stop which gages the cut length, then held by a collet and rotated while being cut off with tools mounted on cross slides. Parts have square cut ends with minimum burr. Multiple cross slides permit deburring or chamfering the O.D. of both ends while cutting off. Any type of material that can be turned with standard tooling can be cut off.

Servo Slide for Cutoff Lathes Modern Machine Tool Company introduces a new programmable servo slide package. These compact cast iron slide units offer rigidity, with the speed and serviceability of linear technology. The precision ground ball screw driven slides with high torque digital drives provide ease of set-up, increased tool life, and substantially improved productivity with a standard constant surface footage spindle drive. Programming is a simple menu prompted touch screen. The servo slide package can be integrated with any new Modern Automatic Cut-off Machine. A retrofit package is available for most existing cutoff lathe machines, replacing the cams and cylinders. To view a movie of how this new programmable servo slide package works, click on the picture to the right.

Laser and Plasma Cutoff Lathes As an alternative addition to our standard lathe-type cutoff machines for tube, pipe, rod and bar stock, we at Modern Machine Tool Company now offer a line of tube-cutting lathes equipped with sophisticated laser cutoff mechanisms. These precision machines are ideal for quickly cutting standard carbon steel tubing as well as difficult alloys and stainless...all without costly tooling or coolants. They utilize many of the production-proven features that have kept Modern in the forefront of cutoff technology since 1916.