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As seen in MMS

CAM, Simulation Software Enhances Port Machining Toolpaths
ModuleWorks has released the 2015.12 version of its CAM software, which includes new features for five- and three-axis programming as well as simulation.

ModuleWorks and Vectorcam Extend Partnership Agreement
The companies will collaborate to integrate ModuleWorks five-axis machining capabilities into Vectorcam.

ModuleWorks Celebrates 10 Years with VISI
The CAD/CAM technology supplier has supported VISI software with toolpath strategies and more.

ModuleWorks, Southwestern Industries Confirm Partnership
The partnership will develop stock-removal verification technology.

Machine Simulation, Toolpath Creation Software
ModuleWorks’ version 2009. 3 expands three- to five-axis toolpath creation and machine simulation capabilities.

Latest CAM Component Technology
Moduleworks has released the latest version of its three- to five-axis machining and simulation software. The simulation component offers fast simulation of the machining process and includes full material removal and machine simulation options, the company says. The simulation has been designed with speed and ease of implementation in mind.