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A Special Message from Monster Tool Company


Today's market has placed ever increasing demands on the machine tool industry and manufacturers for increased production efficiency, better quality control and reduced costs. Monster Tool Company has met these challenges by developing a new line of cutting tool products that maximizes the advantages of today's sophisticated CNC Machining Center Technology as well as all other machining processes. They are custom manufactured to the highest quality standards. Burr Monster and othe Monster Tool products are available form stock at your local distributor or catalog company.

Product Categories of Monster Tool Company

  • Chamfering Tools
  • Counterbores/Countersinks
  • Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
  • Drills
  • End Mills
  • Reamers
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Tool Blanks
  • Tooling Materials, Carbides

Trade Names

  • Burr Monster
  • Drill Monster
  • Mega Monster
  • Metal Monster
  • Micro Monster
  • Mill Monster
  • Ream Monster
  • Tool Monster

As seen in MMS

End Mills Make Economical Option for Cast Iron, Stainless
The solid-carbide APG end mill series from Monster Tool is said to bridge the gap between general-purpose and high-performance tooling.

Solid Carbide End Mill Improves Performance
Monster Tool will introduce the APG-series solid carbide end mill for general-purpose and high-performance applications.

Carbide End Mills Offer Fast Chip Removal
Monster Tool Co.’s HPNF series of carbide end mills feature a 45-degree helix for rapid chip evacuation.

High-Performance Roughing End Mills
Monster Tool Company offers three- and four-flute square and ballnose end mills with chipbreaker geometry to allow high feed rates in roughing operations. Mega Monster tools are manufactured from fine-grain, sinter-hipped C-2 grade carbide material with 10-percent cobalt for aggressive slotting and pocket milling in stainless steels and high-temperature alloys.

Carbide Burrs For Every Need
Monster Tool Co. ’s range of carbide burrs include a variety of carbide burr sets, all of which are CNC machined.