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A Special Message from Yaskawa America, Inc.

RIA to Present Engelberger Robotics Award to Dr. Chia Day and Dean Elkins (senior general manager, Yaskawa Motoman)

Kinetiq Teaching
Kinetiq Teaching

A Technology to Simplify Welding Robot Teaching from Robotiq and Yaskawa

Kinetiq Teaching is a technology that allows users to quickly and easily task welding robots without requiring in-depth programming knowledge. It enables job shops to easily implement robotic welding with simplified teaching and reduced set-up times by allowing operators to guide the robot by hand to desired weld positions. With Kinetiq Teaching, the welder moves the robotic welding tip next to a workpiece by physically hand-guiding the robot. Once the welding point is reached, the welder determines the welding parameters through a touch screen interface. After all the points are recorded, the welder can playback the programmed trajectory and modify it on-the-fly. By doing so, experienced welders will be able to set welding jobs and oversee the productivity of more than one robotic welder at a time, or train less skilled operators to program the welding robot and act as a technical adviser and a quality assurance resource.

MH24 Robot
MH24 Robot

Motoman MH24 Robot

The new MH24 six-axis robot provides superior performance in assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending and packaging applications. It features a new curved upper arm that enhances its reach and allows a wider range of applications. This patented double yoke design also offers additional strength if the robot crashes due to a programming error.

Thru-arm cable routing provides longer cable life and reduces the risks of snagging or interference. A large 50 mm thru-hole in the upper arm provides ample space to minimize wear and maximize cable life.

MotoFit Force Control Tool
MotoFit Force Control Tool

MotoFit Force Sensing Package

MotoFit™ is a six-axis force sensing package for high-speed precision assembly applications. MotoFit alters the robot’s position based on the force encountered to align or assemble parts, whereas without MotoFit, a robot is set up for positional control; the robot moves to or retains position even when external forces are applied, provided that forces do not exceed limits that would cause an error.                                                           

This six-axis force sensor can detect three translational forces and three axial moments. Three operations (touching, fitting and inserting) are combined to provide automatic precision fits of mating surfaces of 10–100 µm. High-speed fits – up to 20 mm deep with h7/H7 tolerance – can typically be done in five seconds. This makes MotoFit ideal for drive train components, seat, electronics or battery assembly and non-destructive testing.

Company Profile

Yaskawa Motoman provides robots and complete robotic automation for virtually every application and industry. Our extensive product line includes more than 175 general-purpose and application-specific robot models, with payloads from 2-800 kg (4-1,764 lbs). Yaskawa Motoman's more than 15 families of fully integrated, pre-engineered "World" solutions include robots, process equipment and safety equipment. Our modular "World" solutions provide tremendous flexibility while reducing cost and risk. Experienced engineers evaluate your project and provide the best "World" solution or custom system to meet your automation needs. Yaskawa Motoman is committed to providing world-class quality, innovation and the highest level of customer satisfaction in the automation industry. Founded in 1989, Motoman Robotics Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. has grown to become the second largest robotics company in the Americas with an installed base of over 32,000 units.

Product Categories of Yaskawa America, Inc.

  • All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading and Feeding Equipment not specified
  • Automated Pallet Systems
  • Automated System & Cells for Assembly & Test
  • Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
  • Buffing & Polishing Machines
  • Conveyors & Other Part Handling Automation
  • Deburring Equipment
  • Deburring Machines
  • Die Handling Equipment
  • Fixturing Systems
  • Laser Cutting Systems
  • Laser Welding & Cladding
  • Lifting & Positioning Equipment
  • Machining Cells & FMS
  • Plasma-Arc/Plasma Cutting Machines
  • Plastic Cutting and Slitting
  • Press Automation Devices
  • Press Feeds & Loading Equipment
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Robot Controllers
  • Robot Tooling/Grippers
  • Robots, Industrial
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet
  • Vision Systems
  • Welding Machines & Equipment

Trade Names

  • AccuFast
  • ArcWorld
  • MotoCom
  • MotoFit
  • MotoMount
  • MotoRail
  • MotoSight
  • MotoSim
  • MotoSweep

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Kinetiq Teaching

Kinetiq Teaching is a revolutionary technology that enables users to quickly and easily task welding robots without requiring in-depth programming knowledge.

Kinetiq Teaching allows job shops to easily implement robotic welding with simplified teaching and reduced set-up times by letting operators guide the robot by hand to desired weld positions. An icon-based menu is presented on the teach pendant's color touch screen to allow the operator to define the task. Programming time is greatly reduced with the more intuitive manual positioning. The Graphic User Interface allows robot programming to be performed with minimal training.

Arc Welding Applications

Arc welding is the core of our company. Over the years we have developed more application-specific robots than any other company. Our welding process knowledge and path control has led the industry for over 25 years.

With our comprehensive line of arc welding robots, integrated power sources, torches and peripherals, and our extensive family of fully integrated ArcWorld welding cells, we provide reliable, low-risk building block solutions that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI.

Yaskawa Motoman's team of Automation Engineers or a Motoman Strategic Partner (MSP) can incorporate turnkey systems to suit production requirements of varied industries.

Used Robots for Sale, Parts and Equipment

Yaskawa Motoman offers different types of used robots and equipment via our website. Check out our special pricing!

Machine Tending Solutions

When the process requires loading or unloading machines, industrial robots can offer significant advantages. Productivity, reduced inventory, safety, flexibility and improved part quantity are commonly realized by customers. Traditionally, robotics has been viewed as only usable in high-volume, low-mix production, but new products offered today make the benefits of automation accessible to most manufacturers.

As seen in MMS

Robot Cell Simulation Software Reduces Errors, Promotes Efficiency
Yaskawa Motoman’s MotoSim EG-VRC version 5.2 is a comprehensive software package that provides accurate 3D simulation of robot cells.

Yaskawa Motoman Announces Organizational Changes
The company says that a new appointment and executive organizational changes better position the company for growth.

Platform for Intuitive Welding Robot Programming
Yaskawa Motoman’s Kinetiq Teaching system is designed to enable job shops to easily implement robotic welding with simplified teaching and reduced setup times by enabling current skilled welders to automate welding jobs.

Yaskawa America, NSK Make License Agreement
The agreement will enable NSK’s ultrasonic cutting technology to integrate with Motoman automation technologies in the Americas.

Welding Robot Offers Improved Speed
The six-axis MA1440 arc welding robot from Yaskawa Motoman features a 6-kg payload and a larger wrist hole for utilities.

January 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Robots & Automation
The January product spotlight includes automated solutions for machine tending, welding and more.

Extended-Reach Robots for Processing Large Parts
The flexible design of the high-speed MH50 II-series robots from Yaskawa Motoman make them suitable for a range of applications, including coating, dispensing, machine and press tending, material cutting, and handling.

Robotic Teaching Technology Eases High-Mix, Low-Volume Welding
Robotiq, in partnership with Yaskawa Motoman, offers Kinetiq Teaching technology to enable operators to quickly and easily task welding robots without in-depth programming knowledge.

Yaskawa Motoman Opens New Facility in Mexico
The Querétaro facility will support training and service efforts support for existing and potential integrators in the region.

Arc Welding Robot Suitable for High-Density Environments
The MA1440 arc welding robot from Yaskawa Motoman Robotics features a high-speed, through-arm design intended to reduce interference and collisions.

Robots Optimized for Spot-Welding Applications
Yaskawa Motoman’s MS165 and MS 210 six-axis robots are designed for faster performance and increased reliability in spot-welding applications over the previous ES series.

Welding Robot for Use in High-Density Layouts
The MA1440 six-axis welding robot from Yaskawa Motoman offers a 6-kg payload, an improvement on the 3-kg payload of its MA1400 model, as well as a larger wrist hole for utilities and faster operation.

January 2014 Product Spotlight: Robots and Automation
The Modern Equipment Review Spotlight in our January issue features robotics and industrial automation equipment. Click through the slideshow to see a selection of the highlighted products, and visit the Robots & Automation zone (link in the sidebar) to learn more.

Controller Promotes Increased Safety, Efficiency
Yaskawa Motoman’s Robotics division offers the DX200 robot controller, which is based on the process capabilities of the previous DX100 controller.

Compact Robot Designed for Light-Payload Applications
The MHJF compact robot from Yaskawa Motoman Robotics is designed for light-payload applications such as small parts assembly, material handling and education systems.

A Technology Sampling from FABTECH 2012
Here are a few technologies spotted at the 2012 edition of Fabtech, the annual metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.

Material Handling Robot Offers Flexibility for Variety of Applications
The flexible MH80 material handling robot from the Motoman Robotics division of Yaskawa America is suitable for a variety of applications, including dispensing and material cutting, in addition to material handling.

This Ribbon Cutting Was a “Sworded” Affair
Motoman Robotics celebrated the grand opening of its newly completed headquarters in Miamisburg with a ribbon-cutting ceremony conducted by one its dual-arm robots—wielding a traditional samurai sword no less!

Vise Rigidity Boosts Robot Cell Output
To automate the fixturing of round machining center components, Haas uses a custom, robot-tended setup incorporating MoveLock vises from Kurt manufacturing. Thanks to these vises’ rigidity, the machine tool builder has doubled the output of its robot cells compared to previous setups.

Extended Reach Arc-Welding Robot
Motoman’s MA3100 “Master Arc” welding robot features an extended-reach arm that is said to reduce the need for tracks.