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Murata (Muratec) Turning Machines/Centers

A Special Message from Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Murata Machinery MW 120G

Reliability By Design Is Built into each Muratec Machine

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.'s Machine Tool Division offers innovative Turning and Fabrication machines and automation options to speed production under the Muratec brand.

On the Turning side our CNC turning machines includes horizontal twin spindle lathes, single spindle lathes, twin opposing spindle lathes and vertical spindle lathes among other special configurations. All of our products are standard with an automated parts loading and unloading gantry system. Our experienced turnkey solutions staff and service/support staff will help you to meet your manufacturing requirements in the production of automotive or other mid to high volume products. Our unparalleled machine features, turnkey experience and customer support have made Murata Machinery USA, Inc. the first choice of automotive and many other types of manufacturing.


For sheet metal fabricators, Murata Machinery USA, Inc. has a long history of revolutionary manufacturing for process integration. The story dates back to 1934 when Theodore Wiedemann designed, manufactured and marketed the Wiedematic, the first turret punch press without a center post. Through the years, many innovations to the original turret punch press design have evolved. With Murata’s purchase of the Wiedemann line in 1989, a new era of sheet metal fabrication machines was introduced to the world, including the first electric punch drive, the first automatic turret changing punch press system and pick and place loading / sorting automation. Today, Murata Machinery USA offers the latest in turret punch press technology and reliability in the sheet metal fabrication industry with our Motorum line. Our experience is built into every machine - Reliability By Design.

Company Profile

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., Kyoto, Japan. The machine tool division produces a variety of automated metal working machines for metal fabrication and cutting industries. Murata continues to be a world leader in manufacturing and design of high productivity metal fabrication machines.

Product Categories of Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

  • Automated Pallet Systems
  • Automated System & Cells for Material Forming & Fabricating
  • Punch Press/Laser (or Plasma), CNC Combination
  • Punch Presses, CNC Turret
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret

Trade Names

  • Centrum Series
  • FFG1250 Automated Material Handling
  • FG Automated Material Handling
  • FG Tower Series Automated Loaders
  • FS Series Automated Loaders
  • FS Tower Series Automated Loaders
  • Hybrid
  • LS3015FC Fiber Laser
  • Magnum
  • MD Series
  • MJ Series
  • ML 400
  • Motorum Series
  • MS Series
  • MT Series
  • MW Series
  • Vectrum Plasma Series
  • Vectrum Series

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Welcome to the Murata Machine Tools Turning business unit

Murata Machine Tools Turning business unit leads the industry in high productivity, volume production automated single and  twin spindle turning machines, cells and systems. Muratec is also known for its reliable automated single and twin load/unload gantry design. Custom gaging and other modifications are made at Muratec's Charlotte, North Carolina location.

Product Announcements Provided By Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Murata Machinery USA Introduces New MW80GT Compact Twin Spindle Turning Center

Murata Machinery USA Introduces New MW120GTEX Twin Spindle CNC Turning Center

Murata Machinery USA Introduces New ML400L Shaft Turning Machine

As seen in MMS

Murata Hires Laser Applications Engineer, Fabrication Business Unit
Andrew Wildman brings 26 years of experience working with lasers to the North American territory of Murata’s Fabrication business.

Fiber Laser Precisely Cuts Reflective Materials
Murata Machinery’s Fabrication Division introduces the Muratec LS3015FC fiber laser machine, whose rigid “reliability by design” construction is said to emphasize precise machining.

Automated Punch Press Loading/Unloading Systems
Murata Machinery introduces several series of automated turret punch press loading and unloading systems designed to double the production of a stand-alone machine.

April 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Turning
View turning centers, lathes, controls and more in this month’s product slideshow.

CNC Turning Center Equipped with Twin Spindles
Murata Machinery’s MW120GTEX twin-spindle CNC lathe is said to provide high-precision processing and rigidity within a compact space.

Murata Celebrates 40 Years
The machine tool and automation supplier has served North America for four decades.

Punch Press Speeds Operation with Ram Drive
Murata’s Motorum M2048TS CNC servomotor-driven turret punch press incorporates a ram drive for high-speed punching, improved forming operations and reduced noise.

Punches Offered in Wiedemann, Spring-Style Configurations
Murata Machinery USA will highlight its 510 HPM Motorum 30 series punches, including the Motorum 3048TG and 3058TG.

Murata Turning Division Adds Dealer
A new dealer will distribute the company’s turning centers.

Website Offers New Intranet Feature
Murata has launched a new website,, to spotlight its design, building and engineering capabilities.

Murata Machinery Turning Machine Features Twin-Spindle, Twin-Gantry Automation
With its twin-spindle, twin-gantry automation, Murata Machinery USA’s compact MW50GT turning machine is designed to increase productivity and accuracy while reducing cycle time.

Twin-Spindle CNC Chucker Cuts Production Time
Muratec USA, a subsidiary of Murata Machinery, offers the MW120GT twin-spindle CNC chucker.

Cell Loader Systems Bring Flexibility to Sheet-Metal Automation
The fully automated FG series cell loader systems from Murata uses servo-control technology for axis drive, programmable parts-stacking patterns and integrated Fanuc-based FMS-control systems for increased flexibility in sheet-metal automation.

Cell Loader/Unloader Handles Variety of Runs
The F1G 1250 cell loader/unloader is designed to enable sheet metal fabricators to handle both short and long runs of virtually any size and part variety, while reducing post-process or secondary operations.

Laser Cutting, Punching On A Single Platform
Murata Machinery says its Motorum 2558 Hybrid laser punch system combines high speed processing; reliable and accurate punching and forming; and flexible laser cutting. A CNC and laser oscillator are said to increase the system’s overall productivity by integrating bending, forming, tapping and other processes with standard punching and laser cutting operations. According to the company, the laser punch system provides a high-quality edge cut with features such as a cutting monitor, a user-friendly laser cutting head with a crash-protection function, a non-contact height sensor and a laser power control function for complicated edge cutting.

Live-Tool Turning Center For Flexible Line Planning

Gantry-Loaded CHuckers Turn Up Productivity
Faced with a bottleneck in its turning operation, this manufacturer of tapered bearings for railcars invested in automated, twin-spindle CNC chuckers. In addition to increasing productivity and improving safety, moving from a manual to an automated turning freed workers for reassignment to other tasks throughout the plant.