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National Bronze & Metals Inc. is the leading USA manufacturer & master distributor of brass, bronze, & copper alloys. Centrally located in Houston, Texas, we have experienced tremendous growth and earned a world-wide reputation for maintaining over one hundred different grades of copper alloys and the largest inventory of its kind in the USA. Our production consists of bars in rounds, hollows, rectangles, squares, hex, and made to order shapes for customer specific applications. We develop our product lines with a concerted effort to meet the broad spectrum of needs demanded by our customers throughout North American and abroad. National Bronze & Metals Europe, SAS, (NBME) has found a permanent home in Toulon in the South of France. Establishing operations in southern France takes advantage of the natural strategic crossroads of the area. The location provides inland travel by road throughout Europe, as well as, easy accessibility for NBME shipments by sea. Both imports from suppliers and outgoing customer deliveries throughout the Mediterranean will be easily serviced. Further, the area itself has a strong industrial foundation in Aerospace, Petrochemical and Naval industries providing an immediate supply source to the surrounding business. In March of 2008, we commenced the construction of a complete new, state-of-the art computer-controlled foundry in Lorain, Ohio. Now completed, our new foundry has a significant amount of additional capacity which will be utilized to manufacture aircraft industry grades of Aluminum Bronze and a variety of lead-free bronzes plus all the standard alloys that we have been producing for the past decade. We also cut and process, rough machine, warehouse, and ship material to our customers from this location, both nationally and internationally. Materials such as our aircraft grade bronzes will meet and exceed A.M.S. standards. This brand-new foundry has revolutionized the continuous cast bronze & brass industry and will set standards which our competitors will find very difficult to follow. In accordance with legislation being enacted in the states of California (California Health & Safety Code, ?AB 1953?) and Vermont State Senate Bill "S.0152", starting January 2010, the USA Plumbing Industry requires the change and replacement of traditional free machining brass (C36000) with a lead free alternative. We are proud to announce the development of "NBM Model 3 Free Machining DZR (Dezincification-Resistant) "Lead Free Brass" which has USA patents pending. This new alloy has outstanding conductivity 36% IACS min, excellent machinability of 87% min (when compared to C360 Brass), has mechanical properties similar to traditional free cutting brasses, and is a ?DZR? Brass Alloy that does not contain Silicon or Bismuth - so it will be much more forgiving on tooling and minimize re-tooling of CNC equipment. This new alloy also has good hot forging characteristics. For more information and a complete list of all the alloys and lead-free that we carry, visit us on our brand-new website

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