Newall Electronics, Inc.

Phone: 614-771-0213
Toll-Free: 800-229-4376
Fax: 614-771-0219

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Mailing Address:
1803 O'Brien Rd.
Columbus, OH 43228-3845 US

Product Categories of Newall Electronics, Inc.

  • Digital Readout (DRO) Units
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Linear Scales

Trade Names

  • A50
  • C70
  • C80
  • DP1200
  • DP7
  • DP700
  • DP900
  • E70
  • M20
  • MHG
  • Microsyn
  • Newall
  • Newall
  • Spherosyn
  • Topaz

As seen in MMS

DRO Package for Mills, Lathes Includes Tool Offset Library
Newall launches its DP500 mill and lathe DRO packages.

Graphical DRO With LCD-Based Display
Newall Electronics offers its DP900 digital readout (DRO) for manual lathe and milling machine application. Said to be the company’s most powerful DRO to date, it offers a graphical LCD-based display available in two, three or four axes and a host of advanced features aimed to increase machine tool efficiency. Inte

The DRO You Wear
Dubbed iPRO for interactive personal readout, this DRO system is wearable, wireless and voice activated. Each of these features is remarkable in its own right. Combined, however, they make the most futuristic DRO system you are likely to encounter.