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A Special Message from Niagara Cutter

World Leader in High Speed Steel and Solid Carbide End Mills

Started in 1954, Niagara Cutter has grown to become one of the world's premier manufacturers of precision cutting tools. Niagara Cutter remains one of the industries few remaining independently owned and operated businesses. At Niagara we are committed to producing the highest quality products through our focus on research and world-class manufacturing, Microshield PVD coatings and training and technical support.

Product Categories of Niagara Cutter

  • Chamfering Tools
  • Diamond Tools
  • Drills
  • End Mills
  • Thread Milling Cutters

Trade Names

  • Niagara Cutter
  • Stabilizer
  • VFP

As seen in MMS

Four-Facet Point Improves Drill’s Centering
The solid-carbide Universal Drill from Niagara Cutter combines a multi-purpose geometry with advanced coating technology to provide reliable, predictable tool life and a lower cost per hole, especially in high-volume production environments.

End Mills Reduce Moldmaking Cycle Times
Niagara Cutter, a subsidiary of Seco Tools, offers its MZN 410R and 510R solid carbide end mills. According to the company, the milling tools provide high-feed machining capabilities to reduce cycle times in moldmaking operations on hardened steels, cast irons and super alloys.

Solid Carbide End Mills Reduce Chatter
Niagara Cutter will display its line of solid carbide Stabilizer end mills. The end mills feature specially engineered, variable-flute geometries designed to reduce distorting harmonics and chatter.

Arch Global Precision Acquires Milling Cutter Product Line
Arch Global Precision has acquired Niagara Cutter’s milling cutter product line (MCPL). The product line is currently operated out of Athol, Massachusetts.

High-Performance Thread Mills
Niagara Cutter’s line of high-performance carbide thread mills is designed for productive, consistent machining of high-quality threads.

Cutting Tools For The Medical Industry

Handle With Care
Micro-size drills and end mills don’t have to be difficult to use.

Micro-Decimal End Mills


  • Video: Trochoidal Milling

    This approach to rough milling replaces straight lines with “curlicue” moves of constant radius.