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Product Categories of Norton | Saint-Gobain

  • Abrasive Compounds & Slurries
  • Buffing & Polishing Supplies
  • Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
  • Deburring Equipment
  • Deburring Machines
  • Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
  • Diamond Tools
  • Form Tools
  • Gear Cutting Tools
  • Grinding Attachments & Accessories
  • Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
  • Grinding Wheels & Belts
  • Mandrels
  • Tool Conditioning Equipment

Trade Names

  • Abrasotex™
  • Alundum®
  • Amplex®
  • AVOS®
  • Aztec®
  • Bear-Tex ®
  • Black Ice®
  • Blaze™
  • BlueFire™
  • Charger™
  • Clear Creek™
  • CloseKote®
  • Crystolon®
  • DryIce®
  • DUO®
  • Durite®
  • Edger™
  • EZ Choice™
  • E-Z Fflex®
  • FabCut™
  • FastCut™
  • FlexDrum™
  • FlexEdge™
  • Furioso™
  • Gemini®
  • G-Force™
  • Global™
  • GreenLyte™
  • Grind-O-Flex™
  • India®
  • JobPack™
  • Lightning®
  • Long Life™
  • Merit®
  • Metalite®
  • Mini-Dex™
  • MSL®
  • Multi-Air®
  • Multi-Air® Plus™
  • Multi-Oilstone®
  • MultiSand™
  • Muscle Behind the Machine®
  • Nanozyte®
  • Neon™
  • NEX™
  • No-Fil®
  • NORaX®
  • NorBide®
  • NorGrip®
  • NorLok™
  • NorPor®
  • Norton Design®
  • Norton SG Blaze®
  • Norton SG®
  • Norton®
  • NorZon
  • NorZon BlueFire®
  • NorZon Plus®
  • NorZon®
  • Onyx™
  • OpenKote®
  • PaceSetter®
  • Paradigm™
  • Plyweld®
  • PolyBond™
  • PowerFlex®
  • PowerLock®
  • PowerStrip™
  • PureSand®
  • Quadro-Fit Pro™
  • Quantum™
  • QuantumX™
  • RailCut™
  • Rapid Finish™
  • Rapid Strip™
  • RapidCut™
  • Rescue Runner™
  • RightCut™
  • SAABA™
  • SandWet™
  • Screen-Bak®
  • ShurStik™
  • Silver Eagle®
  • SoftTouch®
  • Speed Change™
  • Speed-Lok®
  • Stick & Sand®
  • Targa®
  • The Absolute Force™
  • The See-Thru System™
  • Torrent™
  • TufBak®
  • TwinFiber™
  • TwinStar™
  • U-Dex-It™
  • Univel®
  • Universal
  • Vortex®
  • Wheel Dressing
  • Winter®
  • WoodSand™

As seen in MMS

Centerless Grinding Wheels Designed to Lower Cost, Increase Safety
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ Century45 centerless bond platform features chemistry designed to improve grain retention in the wheel.

New Grinding Wheel Emphasizes Operator Comfort
Repetitive motions, especially those involving hand tools, can lead to worker fatigue and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The less tiring you make a job, the more productive employees will be.

Abrasive Brushes for Finishing by Hand or on Machine
Norton, a Saint-Gobain brand, has added to its Blaze line with a series of nylon abrasive brushes made with high-quality ceramic grains to ease integration into automated machinery, machining centers, transfer lines, robotic cells and other specialized machinery as well as portable power hand tools.

Robotic Polishing of Turbine Engine Blades
Testing explores an airfoil finishing alternative to loose-abrasive polishing.

Additive Manufacturing’s Assist to ID Grinding
By addressing a long-standing coolant-delivery problem, an additively grown nozzle enhanced the effectiveness of ID grinding in a complementary role.

Shifting from Manual to Automatic
By partnering with its suppliers as a knowledge resource, this job shop made a successful transition from manual to CNC thread grinding, raising productivity and attracting new business with its increased capabilities.

Agglomerate Grain Extends Abrasive Belt Life
Saint-Gobain Abrasives will showcase the Norton Vortex Rapid Prep Belts featuring an agglomerate grain said to increase belt life up to three times, compared to aluminum oxide grain, and reduce two- to five-grit sequences in blending operations for lower labor and material costs.

Grinding Big Gears from Blanks
Harnessing the latest abrasives technology enables this shop to grind huge gears complete from blanks, eliminating multiple machining steps and providing a smooth surface finish.

February 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Grinding
Click through this slideshow for a sampling of grinding equipment, ranging from hand tools and abrasives to complete grinding systems.

Diamond Wheels Produce Carbide Flutes and Periphery Edges
Norton, a Saint-Gobain brand, has introduced its Paradigm diamond wheels, which feature a new bond designed to deliver high grinding performance on carbide round tools, and periphery grinding on carbide and cermet inserts.

A/O Abrasive Wheels Reduce Material Waste
Norton, a Saint-Gobain brand, introduces an addition to its Gemini RightCut wheels line with an aluminum oxide (A/O) option for cutting steel and ferrous materials.

Olympic Medalist Signs Autographs in Norton Booth
In honor of Norton’s sponsorship with the USA Luge Team, 2014 Sochi Women’s Singles Luge Bronze Medalist Erin Hamlin is signing autographs in Norton Abrasives’ booth (N-7051) Wednesday afternoon.

Bonded Abrasives Promote Grain Adhesion for Versatility
Norton Abrasives, a brand of Saint-Gobain, offers its Vitrium3 bonded abrasive products, featuring a bond chemistry that promotes grain adhesion for improved versatility across a range of applications.

Grinding Wheels Increase Metal Removal Rates
Norton Abrasives offers its Gemini XXL aluminum oxide depressed-center grinding wheels for improved performance and increased metal removal rates on hard-grade carbon steel applications, weld repairs, flashing and jobs requiring a quick turnaround.

Bond. Vitrified Bond.
New vitrified bond technology features proprietary chemistry to achieve higher performance as well as extended wheel life for today’s advanced grinding machines.

Anatomy of a New Bond Technology
A new vitrified bond technology features proprietary chemistry to achieve higher performance as well as extended wheel life for today’s advanced grinding machines.

Depressed-Center Wheels Improve Grain Micro-Fracturing
Norton Abrasives will highlight the NorZon Plus depressed-center wheels for right-angle grinding applications, including the new NorZon Plus Fast Cut wheels.

Big Machining for Big Machinery
A significant investment in machining equipment, including an advanced five-axis, 6-meter profile grinding machine, is enabling this Southwestern shop to be more competitive at producing large-scale gears, shafts and other mining components.

Abrasives App for Grinding Calculations
The Norton Grinding App from Norton Abrasives is designed to simplify the process of calculating requirements for grinding applications.

Diamond and CBN Wheels Provide High-Performance Round-Tool Flute Grinding
Norton Paradigm diamond and CBN wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives are designed for high-performance grinding of carbide and round-tool fluting on high speed steel to decrease cycle times and cost per part.