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  • Grinding Machines, Centerless
  • Grinding Machines, Cylindrical OD
  • Grinding Machines, Internal Cylindrical
  • Grinding Machines, Profile
  • Grinding Machines, Tool, Cutter & Drill Point
  • Grinding Machines, Universal (ID/OD)

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Twin-Spindle Grinding Machine Increases Productivity
Paragon’s twin-spindle, compound grinding machine, the RTG-100CNC, is designed for enhanced productivity and precision for ID/OD grinding. Clamping once instead of twice, the machine can grind as many as eight faces, featuring maximum an OD of 320 mm and an ID grinding range from 6 to 100 mm.

CNC Centerless Grinding Machine
The RC series centerless grinding machines can be used for infeed grinding and thrufeed grinding to ensure accuracy, high productivity in workpieces with diameters between 1 mm and 50 mm.

CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinding Machine
The GA CNC Series are unique models of angular cylindrical grinding machines by PARAGON are suitable for long, multi-steps, and profile cylindrical grinding, up to 0. 1 Êm positioning accuracy, which offer the best choice for high accuracy.