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Quaker is a global supplier of metalworking fluids, services and expertise..

Front-to-Back Tube & Pipe Supplier
Front-to-Back Tube & Pipe Supplier

Front-to-back TUBE & PIPE products

Quaker has global dedicated resources devoted exclusively to the tube and pipe industry. We draw on our process expertise, solutions, and product technology from around the world to act as one of the only “front-to-back” suppliers to the industry.

Serving the Automotive Industry
Serving the Automotive Industry

Products for the AUTO INDUSTRY

We serve all facets of the automotive industry, from the stamping of body panels to the machining of engine components for cars and trucks. We work with every major producer in every market of the world. Our knowledge base extends from the manufacture of each critical part to the final assembly of the vehicle itself.

Innovative Metalworking Fluids
Innovative Metalworking Fluids


The complexity of heavy equipment design and construction requires a tremendous understanding of the manufacturing processes, which we deliver in the formulation of advantaged products.  

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Whether it's machining, grinding, stamping, cleaning or corrosion protection, Quaker has innovative, integrated process solutions and superior service to optimize your operations and increase profitablility ...

By grasping your unique metalworking issues, Quaker identifies areas where a change in fluid would reduce your overall costs. We then custom engineer fluids that enable your process to deliver the improved speed, quality, tool life, efficiency and finish that will result in lower bottom line costs.

Quaker can be a valuable part of your effort to reduce your costs and improve your operations by providing process expertise and customized support services and high performing fluids.

  We support you with one of several local resources: QCMSSM  - Quaker Chemical Management Services experts working full time at your plant; one of our local distributors who are partnered with Quaker to support you; and Quaker’s field staff of metalworking process engineers.


Product Categories of Quaker Chemical Corporation

  • Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
  • Lubricants & Greases
  • Solvents & Degreasing Agents

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News and Practices in Improving Metalworking Processes

Quaker FORUM is a monthly e newsletter with up-to-date information on improving your processes.

Skill Builders

Quaker's Skill Builders address a wide range of metalworking topics. They were created to help customers tackle their issues with greater expertise. Sharing best practices with different experiences from various sites saves time and money.   Check back frequently to see new Skill Builders as they are added to the site. 

Focused On Reducing Total Costs

Quaker’s Chemical Management Services program (QCMSsm).

Quaker Distributors

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Product Announcements Provided By Quaker Chemical Corporation

Optimal Machining of CGI

Products with SCAQMD-Compliant VOC levels

Quaker Introduces QUAKERAL 372

As seen in MMS

Metal Removal Fluids Support Work with Variety of Materials
Quaker Chemical offers a portfolio of metal removal emulsion technology, comprising the Quakercool 700 and 700 series, intended to serve the metalworking industry’s automotive/heavy equipment manufacturers and components producers that operate with diverse metallurgies.

Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluid Resists Fire
Quaker Chemical’s Quintolubric 702-46 RD fire-resistant hydraulic fluid is a water-glycol formulation designed to increase safety, reduce maintenance and extend product life.

Coolant Technology for CGI Machining
Quaker Chemical offers its QuakerCool 7020 CG metalworking fluid designed for machining compacted graphite iron (CGI), particularly for manufacturing truck and automotive diesel engine blocks and cylinder heads.

Updated Website Easier to Navigate
Quaker Chemical’s updated website is designed to enable faster access to content about the company’s process fluid offerings and chemical management services.

Metalworking Fluids Meet New VOC Limits
Quaker Chemical Corporation offers four new metalworking fluids designed specifically to comply with new VOC limits.

Stamping Lubrication Is Eco-Friendly
Quaker Chemical’s QuakerDraw 504 HV and 777 DW lubricants feature water-based chemistry that virtually eliminates petroleum dependence in drawing, forming and stamping operations.

About Metalworking Fluids and More
Two science papers from Quaker Chemical Corp. are worth reading for what they say about key developments in metalworking technology.

About Metalworking Fluids and More (Part 2)
Two science papers from Quaker Chemical Corp. are worth reading for what they say about key developments in metalworking technology.

About Metalworking Fluids and More (Part 1)
Two science papers from Quaker Chemical Corp. are worth reading for what they say about key developments in metalworking technology.

Heavy-Duty Machining and Grinding Fluid
Quakeral 372 is a high-performance emulsifiable metalworking fluid from Quaker Chemical designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding operations.