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A Special Message from CNC Broach Tool LLC

CNC Broach Tools sell inserted keyway broach tools to cut internal through or blind keyways on cnc lathes and mills

CNC Keyway Broaching allows you to complete your part on the same CNC machining center as the rest of you operations

inserted keyway Broach tool for use on CNC lathes and cnc mills
inserted keyway Broach tool for use on CNC lathes and cnc mills

CNC Keyway Broach Tool's Insert life

We rely on clients to report their insert life. 3rd party documentation is best-

From Mike Turner at Derby Machine in Kansas

We had a blind hole to id broach in 304 stainless,  It cost us $15 per part plus shipping to and from Chicago, we found a broaching tool at We were very skeptical but had nothing to lose and decided to give them a shot. This tool paid for itself several times over on the first run alone. We get well over 100 parts on a single insert point with a cycle time increase of only 2 minutes 14 seconds. We have ran over a thousand parts using very few inserts and never lost the tool itself. We have never scrapped any parts because of the broach. It holds the broach depth and width thru the whole run. I am extremely happy with the results and cost saving of this tool and would recommend it to anyone who has an id broach issue or would like to machine their part complete. 




CNC Keyway Broach Tools to cut Blind internal keyways
CNC Keyway Broach Tools to cut Blind internal keyways

CNC Broaching client referral

From CNC Broach Tool client:

 Corey Smith
Accurate Gear & Machine in Waterloo, Iowa

We purchased a 3/16 CNC Broach Tool for internal keyways for our Fellows CNC Shaping Machine to cut keyways into 200 pieces of 8620 material. The insert life is incredible. We were able to cut 130 pieces with one cutting edge and their inserts have two!  200 IPM at .0008” DOC gave us cycle times of 1min 20 sec per part.

We were very satisfied with the longevity of the tool life and exceptional service and lead time was provided. We look forward to purchasing additional tooling in the near future.




CNC keyway Broaching in house save you time and money
CNC keyway Broaching in house save you time and money

Blind Internal Keyway Broached on cnc lathe

“We currently implemented a broach tool from CNC Broach Tools. It was a broach application that had a blind keyway which required us to look into farming out this application. By using the CNC Broach Tool we were able to not only keep this operation in house, we were able to combine it to the lathe operation and also because of that we were able to add the drill and tap cross holes to make it complete in one operation which is always a cost savings if you don't have to handle the parts more than once. Centerline held real well because the bore and the broached keyway were done in the same operation.”

- Monty Twingstrom
CNC Manager, K-Manufacturing, Inc., Osseo, MN


Company Profile

CNC mill broaching and CNC Lathe broaching allows yet another operation to be completed on your machining center rather than move parts to a separate key-seater or broaching machine, vending out the operation to an expensive specialty broaching house, or spending valuable shop time making your own tools.

We offer an off-the-shelf solution for the CNC broaching of standard internal keyways.

Broaching is one of the most shocking operations in machining and this has prevented previous inserted broach tool designs from standing up for long to the forces required to cut internal keyways. O ur broach tool design is proven to stand up to long production runs in every  material that the machining world can throw at us and outlast competitors insert life.  Using CNC Broach Tool  keyway cutters we have clients broaching continuously in Titanium, 8620, Inconel, heat-treated 4140, 304 Stainless and much more.

“Using CNC broaching tools reduced our lead time by as much as 2 weeks, since we don't need to outsource this part of the process. Our parts are now ready to be shipped when they come out of the lathe. Support has also been excellent. Thank you CNC Broach Tools!”

Pascal Dufour

Usinage X-Spec Manufacturing 

Quebec, Canada


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The Future of Broaching

 The Future of the Broaching process is to cut you internal keyway along with the rest of your operations on one machine. Your CNC lathe, cnc mill, or cnc machining center. Transfering parts and finding center line again for each part is a nightmare. An even bigger nightmare is packing up all of your parts and paying to ship them to a specialty broach house or to be EDM'ed. Use the equipment you spent so much money on to do a complete part in one location.

A New Broaching Approach

 CNC cutting tools that help minimize cycle times

Discuss broaching on your cnc machinery with your peers

A Forum to discuss speeds/feeds/set ups for the broaching process on CNC machining centers.

the cnc broaching process

 If you have internal keyways to broach and you would like to keep your part on your cnc lathe or cnc mill rather than vend the broaching process out....look into Razorform's inserted broach tools

Indexable Insert Broaching Tools The Future of Broaching

As seen in MMS

ID Broaching a Blind Hole in 304 Stainless
When Derby Machine needed a cost effective way to ID broach a blind hole in 304 stainless, a broaching tool from CNC Broach Tool helped reduce scrapped parts and increase accuracy.

CNC Broach Tool Launched
The company offers indexable inserted broach tools for CNC lathes and milling machines.

Broaching System Saves Setup Time
The company offers an indexable-insert-style broaching tool for use in CNC machining centers.

The Employee-Owned Advantage
This Ohio shop is 100-percent employee-owned. Thus, both management and shopfloor employees recognize the importance of optimizing efficiency wherever possible. Thanks to a strong willingness to invest in and embrace new technologies, sales-per-employee has increased by more than 50 percent in the last five years.

Indexable-Insert-Style Broaching Tool
 Designed for CNC lathes with locking spindles, the indexable-insert-style broaching tool can broach keyways ranging from 1/8" to ½". The TiN coated, double-sided, micrograin carbide insert is said to last longer than brazed carbide inserts or slivers of carbide.

Indexable-Insert-Style Broaching Tool for Lathes(2)
The indexable-insert-style broaching tool is suited for use in CNC lathes with a locking spindle. While there are other ways to broach, this system is designed to provide an efficient, cost-effective way to broach keyways ranging from 1/8" to 1/2", the company says. The TiN-coated, razor-sharp carbide insert is said to last longer than brazed carbide inserts.

Indexable-Insert-Style Broaching Tool For Lathes

Indexable-Insert Broaching Tool Technology For Lathes
A new indexable-insert-style broaching tool for CNC lathes provides two cutting edges per carbide insert. Because the tool body can remain installed in the lathe's turret during insert indexing or replacement, it is unnecessary to re-zero the tool after the change.

Inserts Can Be Reground And Reused