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Inside Gear Expo 2015
Billed as “The Drive Technology Show,” this year’s event featured new machine designs and cutting tools, heat-treat processes, and materials and hardening processes for hybrid transmission applications.

Gear Grinding Machine Offers Flexibility
Reishauer's RZ260 gear grinding machine enables continuous generating gear grinding. Based on the company’s RZ160 series machine, the grinder’s increased size and adapted components accommodate larger loads and forces to reliably grind gears with outside diameters ranging to 260 mm and modules ranging to 5 mm.

Machine Optimized for Planetary Pinions
The RZ 60 from Reishauer has been optimized for machining planetary pinions for the automotive industry.

Hard Gear Finishing

Gear Grinding Machine Offers Fast Change-Overs

Motorcycle Manufacturer Leads Way To World Class Manufacturing
One core competency that has undergone major change is gear production. Current European law mandates more strict noise control. To meet regulations set forth, Harley-Davidson motorcycles were required to reduce noise output. Anticipating that this would soon become standard in other coun-tries as well, the company modified its transmission to include gear ratio changes and high contact tooth geometry.